How to take Manuka Honey?

Honey, in its pure form, has been around for ages. With time, various types of honey came into existence. Some with specific benefits, while others as wholesome, beneficial food. Manuka Honey is one such superfood that has proven to have exceptional health benefits. It is very much in demand for its antibacterial properties and skin treatment. Manuka Honey is also one food that is bacteria resistant.

Prepared from the nectar of the Manuka bush, Manuka honey is a native product of New Zealand. These plants are also known for their Tea tree oil. Being restricted to New Zealand and certain regions of Australia, this honey comes with an expensive tag. Although it is widely used in America, Europe, and Asia, the availability of the product is restricted. Hence it is essential to know the proper usage of Manuka Honey.

The proven antibacterial properties make this honey a natural skin soother and an essential ingredient in face masks. When you eat Manuka Honey, it benefits your mouth, throat, and stomach as it is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

So how do we take Manuka Honey to have the best results?

Straight from the spoon:

What better than taking honey straight from the teaspoon? Manuka honey is thicker in texture than regular honey, so hold a spoonful of it in your mouth till it melts away. Follow this process thrice a day. Remember, the more the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor), the better is the antibacterial benefits.

Have it with hot water or tea:

If you face problems with your throat, stir your Manuka Honey with hot water or even better with your tea. The antibacterial benefits will give relief to your sore throat, and you can also enjoy the soothing drink with the natural sweetness of honey.

Take it with your smoothie:

One of the best ways to enjoy your honey is by blending it in your favorite smoothie. The natural sweetness of Manuka Honey blends very well with your drink and gives it an enhanced taste. Remember not to keep any leftovers of the smoothie in the fridge since the honey present in it would crystalize. Even if you were to keep it in the refrigerator, remember to warm the smoothie gently after taking it out so that the honey crystals melt before you could drink it again.

Apply it directly on your skin:

With the proven skincare benefits of Manuka Honey, you can always apply a thin layer of the same on your skin once or twice a week. The honey removes any blemishes on your skin, gives it a natural glow, and functions as a moisturizer. Apply it on your acne and keep it on for fifteen minutes and then wash it away. Manuka Honey removes acne. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help to soothe your skin.

Have it with your meal:

Manuka honey can be used in baking by switching sugar with a half proportion of honey. Remember to reduce the temperature by 15c since baking at a very high temperature can destroy the honey's natural enzymes. You can also add the honey as a salad dressing with oil and vinegar.

The final word

The best way to intake Manuka Honey is to have it raw. Never mix it with boiling liquids as that will sterilize the honey and remove all its antimicrobial properties. Since Manuka Honey is more expensive than regular honey, you would always want to have the most of what it is worth. To get the best quality Manuka Honey, always read the labels carefully. The label should mention the origin of the product or where it is manufactured. The place should read New Zealand. Also, look for the UMF rating. If the rating is more, the product is superior and has more antibacterial potency.

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