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8 Best Espresso Beans you Need to try

Are you a die-hard coffee fan? If yes, this article is written especially for you. The amazing smell of coffee in the morning can make anyone’s day great. But even if you have the best coffee machine in the world, you can’t get the best cup of espresso, if you don’t have the best espresso beans.

Thus, in this article, we have come up with a list of top quality espresso beans that can offer you a tantalizing morning drink. When you are preparing espresso, all you need is pure caffeine delight.

If you want to get the purest cup of espresso, you need to buy espresso beans separately as the normal powders won’t fit your needs.

You need to get espresso beans that have been perfectly roasted at the right temperature, and that comes up with a fresh and refreshing aroma. If you are drooling just by reading, you need to see this list of the best espresso beans. But, before that, you need to know about our top pick.

Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans: Our Top Pick

Are you a fan of organic products? If yes, the Lifeboost Coffee Espresso beans are the perfect item for you. The main purpose of this brand is to provide you with healthy, organic, and ethically sourced coffee beans. These espresso beans are organically grown by farmers in Nicaragua, and they have recently launched these espresso beans, and you must try them. These beans will help you to make the perfect cup of espresso that you need every morning.

8 Best Espresso Beans To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

1. Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Beans – Dark Roast

The Lifeboost Coffee Espresso beans come up with some amazing advantages and features. The best part about these beans is that they are organically produced, and they are sourced directly from the farm. These espresso beans are prepared organically by farmers from Nicaragua, and they work really hard to get you the most delicious cup of espresso every morning.

This brand of espresso comes up with different labels and specifications, and you may get tired, but the list of advantages associated with this espresso bean won’t stop. First of all, the best part about this espresso bean is that it has been certified by testing agencies, and they have declared these beans to be 100% organic. Secondly, these coffee beans are spring washed and sun-dried naturally. Thus, no artificial chemicals and processes are involved in the preparation of these beans.

These beans are toxins free, and the beans are also sourced sustainably without harming the environment. All these best features of the Lifeboost coffee espresso beans mean that you will have a healthy and organic cup of coffee every morning. These organic coffee beans are produced and procured without harming the environment and farmers who are involved in the production process.


  • 100% organic
  • No toxins are involved in the manufacturing process
  • Environmentally sustainable product
  • Amazing aroma
  • Rich and bold taste with an undertone of chocolate and caramel


  • Some people may not love the intense aroma.

2. Koffee Kult Dark Roasted Beans

Just like the name suggests, drinking this coffee will be like joining a cult. You will love the taste of these dark roasted espresso beans so much that you will forget about all the other coffee you drank ever. The flavour of the Koffee Kult Dark roasted beans is quite distinctive, and you will know this once you sip the first cup of coffee.

The coffee beans are roasted in the US, and thus, it meets all certification and standards as mentioned by the Food standards organization. The coffee beans remain fresh longer, and it doesn’t lose its aroma. The coffee beans also meet the safety criteria by SCAA, which is one of the most important bodies verifying the standards of coffee beans. These beans for espresso are 100% organic, and they have been sourced from farms in Columbia and Sumatra.

These beans offer the best blends that are made from high-quality coffee. The best part about these beans is that they are not too bitter, and even if you are a beginner espresso fan, you will love the taste of the coffee. The acid content in the coffee beans are quite low, so you won’t face any kind of acidity or indigestion even after drinking 5-10 cups of coffee every day.

These best coffee beans by Koffee Kult are suitable for different gourmet speciality and its consistent and aromatic taste, and smell makes it one of the best beans among real coffee fans. The Koffee Kult coffee beans don’t have too intense a smell and taste, and thus, they can be easily used as late evening drinks.


  • Low acid content
  • 100% organic
  • Meets all certification and standard
  • Consistent and aromatic taste
  • Not too bitter


  • May not be too strong for people who are used to the high caffeine content.

3. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

If you are a lighter and sweetener coffee fan, this best espresso bean by Lavazza super can be one of the best products for you. The best part about the Lavazza Super crema espresso is that it offers a blend of South American and Indonesian beans. In addition to this, it is also blended with a smooth and delicious variety of Brazillian coffee beans. Thus, you get the best of all worlds in this delicious mix of coffee beans.

These coffee beans have a touch of smooth, velvety, and creamy taste, which makes it one of the best products for espressos as well as French drips. In addition to this, you can also use these beans to prepare some fancier drinks with lots of whipped cream and sweet cream. Thus, no matter if you are looking to prepare a delicious cup of espresso or an amazing cup of latte, the Lavazza Super Crema Espresso can be the most suited coffee beans for you.

These coffee beans are not too oily, and thus, they can be easily used in different types of automatic pour over coffee makers without any hassle. For people who love to have caffeinated drinks in Italian cafes and restaurants, the Lavazza Super Crema Espresso can be one of the best products for them. These coffee beans have a dark brown colour, and the beans are roasted perfectly at the perfect temperature to provide a creamy and smooth texture to all your drinks. The coffee beans by Lavazza Super Crema will give you an authentic European taste and feel. These beans do not have any fruity or chocolaty flavour to it.


  • Mild flavour
  • Very well roasted
  • Not too oily means
  • A mix of the best coffee around the world
  • Best for espresso as well as other coffee-based drinks


  • The taste may be too light and unflavorful for some people.

4. Stumptown Hair Bender

Just like the name of this espresso beans brand, you may have to bend into love with this delicious coffee bean. The best part about this espresso bean is that it has been loved and liked by beginners and pro coffee drinkers alike. Although the packaging of the coffee bean may not sound too interesting to you, what is inside the packaging will certainly attract you. When you visit a shop to buy these espresso beans, there are high chances that you will consider it just another coffee brand. But, buy it once, and you will never forget the taste and aroma of these espresso beans.

This is one of the best espresso beans available, and it is not too oily. Thus, it can be easily used in any automatic coffee machine to give you a perfect cup of espresso every morning. These beans have been roasted perfectly, and thus, they offer the best aroma and taste. The coffee beans are rich, flavorful, and have different notes. Thus, anyone who appreciates the true taste of the coffee will certainly like this product.

These coffee beans can be basically called bright and sunny weans that are perfect to start your day. In fact, these beans can be easily used at night as it is not too heavy. Although it is a dark roast, you won’t feel high or too energetic after drinking a cup of espresso. These coffee beans are sourced from Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia.


  • Mild flavour
  • Beans are not too oily
  • Perfectly roasted
  • Can be easily used at night
  • Rich and flavorful notes


  • Not 100% organic beans

5. Kicking Horse Coffee

You must be excited about knowing details about these coffee beans after reading its name. If the name of these best espresso beans hasn’t excited you, the rick and smooth flavour will definitely attract you. The mystical black packaging of these coffee beans is one of the best parts of these beans. These Rocky Mountain toasted beans are perfect for your morning coffee dose. These Canadian espresso beans are some of the best quality beans you can find in the market.

Just like the kick of horses, the flavour and taste of these espresso beans are too strong. If you are not a regular coffee drinker, you may not love the taste initially, but, gradually you will fall in love with its flavours. The flavour of the coffee is strong but smooth, and the acid content of the coffee is too low. Thus, you won’t face indigestion or any other discomfort even after drinking several cups of espresso.

Some flavour of nutmeg can also be found in this coffee. This is a 100% organic product that is derived from Central America, South America, and Indonesia. Thus, the perfect blend and taste of all these places will give you one of the best cups of coffee you will ever drink.

The flavour of these espresso beans is quite perfect, and it has an earthy brew and robust but very velvety taste to it. The Kicking horse Coffee beans are one of the best products that you can have in your kitchen to open your eyes early morning. These coffee beans are not designed for faint-hearted people, and if you are in need of a mild coffee flavour, you should check some other products.


  • Strong taste and flavour
  • Perfect flavour and roasting
  • Nutmeg flavour
  • Low acid content


  • Not suitable for people who can’t handle strong coffee

6.  Blue Horse Kona Dark roast

Cheers to another coffee as strong as a horse. If you are a coffee lover who loves to have a strong flavour but can’t have too strong coffee like the Kicking Horse coffee brand, the Blue Horse Kona dark roast coffee can be one of the perfect items for you.

These best espresso beans are sourced and derived from the big island in Kona in Hawaii. The Kona island is known for its volcanic eruption in the past. Tasting this coffee will feel like a volcano in your mouth. 

These beans for espresso have a bit of an ashy smell and taste, and thus, it gives a distinctive flavour. The Blue Horse Kona roast is not too oily, and thus, it can be used in any automatic coffee maker you have in your kitchen. These coffee beans are a good option for people who want to get perfect brews and not the perfect maintenance of their coffee machine. If you want to get a perfectly brewed cup of espresso every morning, the Blue Horse Kona dark roast can be one of the best choices in coffee beans.

These beans will offer you the most authentic Kona roast, and you will fall in love with the flavour as soon as you take the first sip of the espresso. These coffee beans are not 100% organic, but they are certified to be suitable by the certifying bodies. The best part about these best espresso beans is that it is sourced from a single-family farm in Kona Island. This family has preserved the authentic taste and flavour of these coffee beans for years. These coffee beans are perfect in all other senses, except that you may need to pay a hefty price to get these beans. But, if you are a true coffee lover, you can surely pay a few extra bucks to get this flavorful and authentic coffee from Kona Island.


  • Ashy flavour
  • Authentic coffee beans from volcanic Kona Island
  • Perfect brew
  • Not too oily
  • Perfectly roasted


  • costly

7. Death wishes Coffee Beans

Don’t worry; you are not going to die after drinking a cup of coffee by a Death wish. These best Espresso beans will help you in preparing a perfectly brewed coffee, that you will wish to live all your life just to drink this perfect cup of coffee. The coffee package will certainly attract your mind as it has a skull and bone mark on the package. People who are looking to get a kick after drinking a cup of espresso must think about purchasing these espresso beans by a Death wish.

When compared with the level of strength and flavour, these beans for espresso are one level up as compared to the kicking horse 454. These coffee beans have a high percentage of caffeine, and thus, it may not be suggested for people who have sleeping issues. As the name suggests, the taste of the coffee may seem like death, but this is not the reality. Instead, the reality is just the opposite. The espresso drink prepared by using these coffee beans will taste delicious.

This is an organically produced coffee bean that is derived from Peru. Death wishes coffee beans may also have an added note of cherry and chocolate inside it. If you are not used to drinking coffee with high caffeine content, you may feel a burn inside your mouth. Thus, beginners must stay away from these beans.

If you never had a black roast before, you should certainly not try this product. Drinking espresso made by these beans after 4 pm may cause the insomnia-like symptoms.


  • A best-brewed cup of espresso
  • Gives you a coffee kick
  • One level up in terms of strong taste
  • Includes notes of cherry and chocolate


  • The taste and flavour may be too strong for people who haven’t tried black roast.

8. Lavazza Crema e gusto

If you don’t want to experiment too much with the strongness and blends of the coffee bean, but still you want the perfect flavour, the Lavazza Crema e Gusto can be the best espresso beans for you. This is a mass-produced coffee bean, so it is offered at the most affordable price in the market. The best part about this coffee bean is that it is a mixture of 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica coffee. Thus, people who want to have the best of both worlds without any hassle must try this coffee bean by Lavazza Crema e gusto.

This coffee flavour and taste are perfect for those people who want to have a restaurant like coffee at the convenience of their home. The intensity and the flavour of Lavazza Crema e Gusto are perfect and are one of the perfect choices as compared to the other mass-produced flavours of coffee beans. The full-bodied flavour of this coffee bean is also commendable. The flavour of the coffee is quite unique, and it is mostly loved by people in Italy and surrounding regions. You may find some notes of chocolates amidst the flavour. Although this coffee bean is not 100% organic, it has passed all safety and certification criteria by concerned authorities. The coffee is sourced from Indonesia, Africa, and Brazil. This is one of the most affordable coffee that you can get to prepare the best cup of espresso.

If you are trying to use whole coffee beans for the first time in your coffee machine, you can certainly go for this one.


  • Affordable price
  • Full-bodied flavour
  • Notes of chocolates
  • A delicious blend of earthy and sweet flavour


  • Not 100% organic

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Factors you need to consider before purchasing the best espresso beans.

Different factors need to be considered when you are thinking about purchasing the best espresso beans. Is this your first time shopping for espresso beans, you must pay attention to the following important points:


A freshly packed coffee bean is perfect any day. If you are given a choice to choose between coffee that has been packed last month and the one that was packed last week, always go for the latest packaging. This way, the freshness and the flavour of the coffee remains intact. Never buy a coffee that does not have the date of roasting printed on it. You will certainly be fooled. Coffee is an agricultural product, and it will certainly be poor in quality if it is too old. Thus, pay maximum attention to the freshness of the coffee beans before you purchase them.


Packaging may not be the most important factor you need to consider, but it is one of the most important factors that you need to look into when purchasing coffee beans. Leak-proof packaging is best suited as it will prevent oxidation in the coffee beans. In addition to this, try to check all details and specifications mentioned on the packaging to get the best deal. Try to know about the date of roasting, certification, and different flavours included to get the best purchase.

Type of roast

If you are new to the coffee world, you need to know that different types of roasting are available. Try to make sure that the coffee beans you are purchasing are an espresso roast or a filter roast. If you are looking for a perfect cup of espresso every morning, the espresso roast can be the perfect choice for you.

The filter roast is perfect for the manual brewing of coffee. The espresso roast of coffee beans is slightly caramelized to give you a creamy and smooth coffee texture. Thus, choose the roast type as per your personal taste and the coffee preparation type you need. The filter roast is more acidic, and it constitutes a more strong flavour. So choose the type of roast wisely.

Single or mixed Origin

Not all coffee varieties are derived from a single source. Some coffee beans are derived from multiple regions and areas. If your choice for coffee is a single source of Origin, you need to be prepared for a strong, flavorful, and classiest cup of coffee. Blends are also a good option, but generally, they are good for milk-based coffee preparation. No matter if the coffee is derived from a single source or multiple sources, both taste good, and it depends upon your personal preference what choice you make.

Origin selection

When you are given a coffee bean packet, you may find different origins listed on the packet. Coffee is an agricultural product that does not need to go through multiple processing units. The temperature, moisture, soil conditions, and climatic conditions determine a lot about the taste and quality of the coffee.

Coffee beans from the Asian regions have an earthy and rich texture and flavour.

On the other hand, the African beans have a sweet and complex fruity flavour. In addition to this, coffees derived from Central American regions have sweet and sunny flavours. Thus, be careful about the taste and smell you like the best and then choose the coffee beans accordingly.


Q. What is the difference between espresso beans and regular coffee beans?

A. The coffee beans are the same no matter if you are buying the espresso bean or the normal coffee bean. The basic difference lies in the way they are roasted. The espresso beans need a bit longer duration for roasting, and they are also roasted at a higher temperature to get the best smell and flavour. You can infant use the espresso beans in any automatic coffee machine you have to prepare the best espresso shots.

Q. How to find the best tasting Espresso Beans?

A. Well, you can’t find the best-tasting beans for espresso, if you don’t taste them. Try different blends and taste them at the shop. Try to go for different blends and flavours of the espresso beans before you find your perfect choice. You can also taste different types of roasted beans from different regions and locations. Thus, it would help if you tried to taste beans from the African region, the African region, as well as the Central American region. This way, you will be able to know which flavour and taste suit you the most.

Q. Why are espresso beans oily?

A. The main reason for the espresso beans to be oily is that they are roasted for too long. This means the espresso beans are dark roasted to get the best flavour from the beans. Roasting is the main reason for the beans to get oily. With the dark roasting process of the beans, the grains become more porous, and caramelization takes place.

Q. What affects the taste of an espresso bean?

A. Different factors differentiate the taste profile of an espresso bean. Some of the major factors include the duration of roasting, the type of roasting, the date of roasting, the Origin of the beans, and whether the coffee beans are single-origin or blend.

Who doesn’t like freshly brewed coffee? If you are an espresso lover, the taste, smell, and flavour of coffee matter a lot. In this world of fake coffee pouches, it can be pretty difficult to get the perfect cup of coffee. So why not get coffee beans and prepare fresh coffee in the comfort of your home.

This process may seem impossible initially, but once you get used to it, you won’t love the coffees prepared at cafes and restaurants. So, get any of these best espresso beans that we mentioned above and give yourself the perfect cup of coffee. Let us know which one of these coffee beans you loved the most.

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