5 Best Kona Coffee Brands: A Review On Which One Is The Best

Kona coffee is extremely good, no wonder! However, it’s a bit expensive too, but it is worth it. For a reason, once you take a sip of this soft, silky, and aromatic coffee, you may wish to throw all other coffee away from your life. 

However, lots of brands are already standing in the queue, claiming that they provide genuine Kona coffee. But it’s not always necessary that they even care about authenticity. We have tasted a few brands and decided to share the best brands which we liked the most.

Are you ready to fall in love with Kona coffee? A single cup of energetic Kona coffee can easily turn you into a big fan of its pleasing aroma and full-bodied flavours

Which ones are these; let’s explore by jumping into the buying guide.

Our Top Pick Kona Coffee Brand

#1 Koa CoffeeMedium Roast

  • Coffee is a recognized brand by Forbes.
  • It is available in three different flavors.
  • Koa coffee comes with a perfect blend of flavors.

An authentic and real coffee gets its aromatic flavours after its successful plantation. For instance- the right combination of sun, air, rain, and soil quality makes coffee beans so unique. That’s the big reason why Hawaii Coffee is famous because all these critical factors are available in Hawaii Coffee.

Hence, in our top picks, we find Koa coffee, a dominant brand. Why? Because of its authenticity and 100% natural Hawaiian Kona coffee power. It’s an award-winning brand and figured in Forbes with the name tag “the best Kona Coffee in America.” 

Top 5 Best Kona Coffee Brands Reviews

Kona Coffee is easy to purchase online, and the best thing is you can find Kona Coffee products in all sizes.

However, at regular shopping sites, you can also end up buying fake products, but buying it online ensures you’re getting 100% genuine products. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of Kona Coffee products that you can purchase online.

1. Koa Coffee – The best medium roast choice

If you genuinely want a classic Hawaii taste in your coffee, you must prefer your ‘Koa Coffee.’ After all, it’s the only product that showcases all authentic flavours that a perfect Hawaiian Kona Coffee must-have.  

However, if we talk about consistency, it’ll surely surprise you. Also, this coffee provides you with relief from the annoying grind. Yes, you do not need to grind this coffee; indeed, it is instant coffee. Just open it, brew it, and sip it!

In the list of top 10 coffee in the world, Forbes has also mentioned the name of Koa Coffee. Thanks to perfect smoothness, fragrance, and sweet flavours that render it a rich Coffee. Whatever method you prefer for brewing, don’t delay, just try it out. 

Moreover, to keep the freshness of coffee alive, Koa Coffee comes with raw beans that allow it to deliver a mind-blowing flavour.

Our review found Koa Coffee at the top of the line, not just because of its dominant quality over other coffee brands but also for after services that the brand provides to its buyer.  

If you become a buyer of Koa Coffee, you can ask for a subscription to deliver the product every 2, 4, or 8 weeks at home.


  • An Award-winning brand also featured in Forbes
  • Available in three different bags of coffee beans
  • Perfectly blends, a quality product


  • A little bit costly

2. Volcanica Kona Peaberry Coffee

If you want to enjoy a smooth, creamy, and nutty taste of coffee, then you can try “Volcanica Coffee,” as this coffee has lots of things unique that stand it out beyond the ordinary.  

Certified by the state of Hawaii- Volcanica also contains 100% Kona Beans like Koa Coffee. However, as the name showcases its identity, this coffee is grown on Mauna Loa Volcano’s slopes, where the coffee gets the power of mineral-rich soils and rich aromatic flavours.   

Thanks to the climates that allow perfect cultivation of coffee beans. Moreover, despite containing everything, this coffee is in the second position because Koa Coffee is much better when it comes to consistency and features. 

At the same time, Volcanica, because of its low acidic content, also provides relief to your stomach- an excellent advantage for sure. The coffee was also featured in foods and wine magazine (2006) and maintained a particular spot in the list of top 10 coffee in the world. 

The company pays extra attention to quality, and for this, they use special packaging that keeps the freshness of beans alive. To make it even creamer, you can also add extra milk. If you are fond of macchiatos, cappuccinos, or piccolo lattes, then you can try this coffee. 

In our view, this brand has those entire specialities that a Kona Coffee must-have.


  • Smooth and rich roast
  • Single estate origin
  • Available in both “whole beans & grounds.”


  • Low acidity 
  • A Pricey product

3. Kona Gold Rum Co Kona Coffee Beans 

An award-winning product in the Kona Coffee cupping competition in 2016, Kona Gold Rum is a medium-dark coffee also famous for its rich flavours.

However, we had to include this coffee brand in our list of the top 5 best Kona coffee brands because of its highest extra fancy grade that renders it a first-class Kona Coffee. 

If we talk about taste, then its incredible, smooth, crispy fruity and highly aromatic flavours will surely blow your mind. Moreover, like Volanica, this coffee is also low in acid. 

Kona Gold Rum Co Kona Coffee beans are cultivated on the big island in Kona District, where it gets the perfect climate to grow meticulously. No wonder this coffee can provide you with a better coffee cup that you’ll remember for long.

Also, the beans are handpicked that deliver a natural flavour to the coffee. Moreover, to bring out the perfect flavours, the beans are also wet-processed, sun-dried, and air-roasted.

In the end, it ensures a tasty and highly aromatic cup of coffee. However, creamy tones of brown sugar and Molasses in this coffee will end up making your coffee time extremely remarkable. You’ll surely love the rich flavours of this Kona Gold Rum Co Kona Coffee.


  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Great for Espresso
  • Single estate origin


  • A little burnt taste that you may like or dislike 

4 Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee

Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee brand is quite a unique coffee brand as compared to others. No cheap quality blending has been used in the product. Indeed, Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee is grown in a complete natural climate with zero pesticide use.  

Although there is no certified evidence that this coffee is 100% organic, still it is the best coffee brand that you can try. You can expect a perfect blend of flavour and caffeine, which is a notable point.

This coffee product is loaded with bold flavours that keep it ever-ready to deliver a delicious coffee cup to you. But while grinding, you’ll have to pay special attention to cleanliness, since Kona Beans are oily in nature- so they can stick inside the grinder.

Besides, if you utilize an inconsistent manner for roasting beans, it can end up creating challenges for you. But if you are using Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee, then you don’t have any need to fear to roast. Thanks to the brand, which maintains a consistent size of the coffee beans that bring out the best quality coffee.   

We loved this brand for Kona coffee, and you can also try it. 


  • Enjoy the sophisticated and bold flavour of this smooth coffee
  • Uniformly sized beans deliver a consistent flavour
  • An utterly organic coffee product


  • Beans are slightly oily, so they can easily clog your grinder
  • Need extra force while cleaning the grinder

5. Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine

Enjoy a medium-dark roast and 100% genuine Kona coffee bean flavours with ‘Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine.’ You can’t resist the extremely flavorful and smooth texture of this coffee.

Splashing out some extra money on this coffee isn’t a big deal; indeed, it’s like you are investing in purchasing a premium product. If you have a grinder to brew coffee, then Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine is undoubtedly going to make your day.

It’s an exceptional coffee product, thanks to its rich and sweet flavours that render this coffee an extremely noteworthy product. If you love the fruity brew flavour, then this coffee can quickly satisfy your hunger for your favourite coffee.

However, these beans are low in acid too, like the other brands stated above. Low acid ensures that it’ll not be stressful to your sensitive stomach. Thanks to the air roasted coffee beans by Imagine, which prevent beans from burning or charring.

We loved this fantastic tasting drink, The company’s suggested brewing method says to try it as cold brew, but you can also try it as per your choice. 


  • Low in acid
  • Air roasted
  • The sweet and fruity flavour is quite remarkable
  • Highest quality beans 


  • Some people had a review that its taste isn’t too strong 
  • If you don’t have a grinder, then you may fail to enjoy its flavours

Koa Coffee – The Winner In Our List Of The Top 5 Best Kona Coffee

We have tried and tested all the coffee products, and finally, the best coffee has been made to come across the right decision. Hence, if you are looking for the best out of the best Kona Coffee, we recommend that you go with Koa Coffe. 

The reasons are quite evident: why? It’s one of the oldest brands in the industry of ‘Kona coffee’ that is quite famous since 1997. Koa Coffee is also high in demand because it’s an award-winning coffee brand. It has been a winner of the “Gevalia Cupping competition,” and honoured with lots of titles like PPCA coffee of the year.

The brand has successfully established a strong image in the Kona Coffee industry, and investing in it is something like you are spending on a famous premium brand. You’ll love to enjoy this one of the best Kona coffee products.

Koa Coffee is most notable for its iconic freshness factor. Since the coffee has medium bodies, it’ll not stay on your tongue for as long as usual with other coffee brands—no wonder the brand delivers all essential traits that a 100% pure Kona coffee must-have.  

The brand also provides a special discount for its elite customer, so buying this coffee product is undoubtedly going to be the best decision for you.

The company also provides special packages for its buyers to choose from; after all, a real coffee lover understands the importance of coffee in his/her daily life. That’s why the brand maintains a special appearance on our list.

Buying Guide For Kona Coffee – Things to Consider

With hundreds of new coffee options available in the market, you must feel confused with the terms or package jargon. There are terms like roast date and packaging date that seem self-explanatory at first and do not tell you whether one is good over the other. We will go over all the necessary tips and tricks you need to master to choose the best coffee that suits your requirements.

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1. Tips for Buying Kona Coffee

Firstly, you should consider the freshness of the coffee by going through the roast date and the packaging date.

Generally, these two systems describe the best window when the coffee must be consumed. If you are looking for instant coffee, you must check the best consumption date after the packaging date.

For example, the packaging may state that the coffee is best six months after the packaging date.

However, the products which rely on this system do not mention the roast date. This system makes it challenging to understand how good coffee might taste.

On the flip side, the unique coffee roasters will say the roast date on the products. It is best before x months after the packaging date, which will be pretty close to the packaging date. You are buying fresh coffee with information about the roast date.

In the case of good Kona coffee, you should always buy what is freshly roasted.

2. The Processing Method

The post-harvesting process also plays a crucial role in choosing the flavor profile for the coffee.

Typically the washed coffees are likely to exhibit more acidity and carry the signature coffee taste. These coffees are ideally entirely consistent, and they will align with those who look for a coffee that delights your mind and senses.

The sun-dried coffees carry exotic flavors thanks to their high sugar content. It takes one to two weeks to dry the beans to acquire the desired moisture level in the beans. 

Moreover, Kona coffee beans are categorized according to their seeds.

  • Type I beans have a cherry with two beans, whereas Type II has one bean per cherry. Moreover, these two types of beans are classified according to their size, moisture, and purity during the process. For example, Type I is divided into ‘Kona Extra Fancy’, ‘Kona Fancy’, ‘Kona Number 1’, ‘Kona Select’, and ‘Kona Prime’.
  • On the other hand, Type II Kona coffees are ‘Peaberry Number 1’ and ‘Peaberry Prime’. Anything below these grades is not considered to be Kona coffee.

Several brands of coffee have the word Kona but generally are not Kona. You should always read the label and ensure it says that it’s 100% Kona coffee.

Additionally, before buying the Kona coffee check the quality of the grade of the beans, especially the estate-grown and especially great beans. You must buy the whole beans because it’s easier for you to identify the quality of the coffee. 

3. Buy the Perfect Amount of Coffee

The perfect amount of coffee to buy mainly depends on how frequently you consume coffee. If you like drinking at least 3 to 5 cups of coffee every day, you should know by the large volume of coffee. You can buy 250 grams of coffee if your consumption is lower. The objective is to ensure that you brew fresh coffee every time. You can always consume the coffee in the given time window when you buy the right amount of coffee.

4. Know the Roast

As you understand, the prices of coffees vary widely, so you need to understand what type of roast you need.

The dark-roasted coffee beans contain a minimum level of caffeine, contrary to what most people believe.
The lightly roasted beans have the highest caffeine level of all roasts available. A medium roast is generally used to make espresso.

You are better off going for light or medium roast if you wish to capitalize on the caffeine intake. The different types of roast are as follows.

Dark Roast Coffee

You should stay away from dark roasted coffee unless you love the flavors that kick in the teeth. On the other hand, dark roast coffee is easily accessible.

Medium Roast Coffee

It is also known as the espresso roast. The medium roast coffee is set to be the allrounder of the coffee roasts, and it is a perfect match for espresso lovers. Of course, it can be used for other brewing methods like cold filter drip, etc. In addition to the natural characteristics of the coffee signs, you can experience different flavors.

Light Roast

Lightly roasted coffee is your go-to option if you love black coffee. However, if you are using light roast for brewing, you must use natural gravity to make the most of the flavors.

5. Choose Coffee Beans over Ground Coffee

We always recommend that you choose beans over ground coffee because beans have a longer shelf life. The moment coffee is ground, the aromatics are released into the atmosphere.

No doubt, grinders can be pretty expensive. Also, you should consider choosing the grid size for the preferred brewing method if you do not want to invest in a grinder. Several coffee roasters offer the option to select the grid size while buying coffee. Storing the coffee also plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the coffee.

6. Start Developing the “Flavor Note” Understanding

You must know that flavor notes are different from the actual flavors, and they are referred to as notes to describe how the coffee eventually tastes.

Additionally, you need to know that coffee with notes of tropical fruits is likely to be balanced and sweet. At the same time, the notes are subjective. You can use any framework to develop your understanding of the flavor notes. There are mainly two categories of coffee beans available in the robusta and arabica market, and you can easily pick the one that you want.

The Arabica coffee type grows in high-altitude areas, and it is commonly known for its acidic taste.

Robusta grows in low-altitude regions and has a bitter taste. Arabica is considered a higher grade, and it mainly depends on the growing process and the treatment that it gets during the growing process. Kona coffee is basically a kind of arabica that gets its name from the Kona districts of the Big Island of Hawaii where it is grown.  

7. Kona Coffee Storage

You must consider storing your Kona coffee beans at room temperature in an opaque container featuring an airtight lid until you start grinding it. You should only grind the amount that you wish to use. Also, it is fine to leave the beans inside the bag if the coffee bag has a degassing valve. You just squeeze out as much air as possible as you are closing the bag or you can use the clip and store it away from moisture and light.


Overall, we have found out that Koa Coffee is the best Kona coffee brand, and its quality and consistency are incomparable. If you are bored with everyday coffee blends and searching for the best coffee, then move ahead and place the order.

Kona Coffee is extremely valuable as it grows only on the western coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. Therefore, it is also not easily available at local shops. Moreover, the chances are that you will be scammed by sellers if you buy any Kona blends. It might look cheaper, but it is not the real thing. With only 10% of Kona coffee in the mix, the seller can call it a Kona blend. If you want to enjoy the real Kona coffee, we recommend you buy the roast that boldly displays “100% Kona Coffee”.  

All these coffee are incredibly delicious, and the aromatic flavour of Kona coffee will surely make your day a memorable day of life. In one shot, Kona coffee fills your mouth with lots of creamy and fruity flavours.

We’ve personally experienced all these coffee brands and come across the final judgment. Hence, now it’s up to you, your recommendations, and what tasting sense you want to try. 

There’re already lots of Kona Coffee brands available in the market, but spending on the fake product is something like you’re only beating off. According to our review, all these coffee brands are the best, and most notably, Koa coffee is also ranked at the top in our list of best coffee beans brands. In the end, if you still want to end up buying the best coffee, then remember “Koa Coffee” for sure. 

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