11 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands to Consider

Finding the best dark roast cup of coffee for your lifestyle or even just your taste can be a tough choice to make.

Just the smell of dark roast coffee beans alone will surely draw you in to make yourself a warm mug or a cool refresher, whether you want to sit back and take a sip while you are watching your favorite show, or perking yourself up for a productive day at the office.

Dark roast coffee is assumed to have high caffeine levels, but the actual fact is that it has lower caffeine than its counterparts.

The dark roast will give a lot of flavor through the roasting process. They produce consistent taste and aroma. They are too away from blandness. The dark roasts would give the chocolate flavor, toasted nuts, and dark sugar. The notes would be earthy and smoky.

Our Top Pick – LifeBoost Dark Roast Coffee

Here Are The 11 Best Dark Roast Coffee – #1 is Our Favourite

Based on thousands of reviews and multiple purchases, these names came on top. We have also added both the pros and cons to each one of these reviews in order for you to curate the best personal pick and make your purchase worth every bean and penny.

1. LifeBoost coffee

The life boost coffee is the top notice of every coffee lover. It is known as the low acid coffee that is grown naturally and without chemicals in highlands. The richness of the coffee is due to its location where it is cultivated. The irony is that it is grown at an elevation above 5700 feet. The coffee beans that are grown in the shade have desirable flavors.

The coffee cherry will get enough time to mature. The natural sugars will burst and add a unique flavor to the product.  The life boost coffee beans will have unique beans that are picked by the farmer after they are matured completely. The beans are dried at 11.5% humidity with no mold. It gives chocolate and caramel flavor with no bitter taste.


  • Pure and clean dark roasted coffee beans
  • Free from toxic residues
  • Certified as specialty grade
  • Robust flavor and smooth notes
  • Give caramel sweetness
  • Rich aroma


You must spend a lot to buy these dark roast coffee beans

2. Fresh Dark Roasted Guatemalan Coffee

Those who have been loving this brand will say it again and again: The Dark Guatemalan is truly a taste of Guatemala. For a reasonable price, you do get a fair amount of dark roast coffee beans. This dark roast coffee delivers a strong flavor and rich aroma, which overall has sweet and nutty notes. It’s the best dark roast coffee you can enjoy today.

You might, however, find this too bitter for your taste, as some would describe it to have an almost burnt flavor. This best bag of beans will also come out oily, which is normal, but will require proper storage to maintain freshness.

But if you are looking for a blend that can both perk you up or soothe your soul, this can be the dark roast coffee you will keep coming back for.


  • Strong flavor
  • Rich and robust
  • Reasonably priced


  • Too bitter for your taste
  • Almost burnt flavor

3. Tiny Footprint Dark Roast Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee has a name that is as sweet as its cause. Both organic and an advocate for the environment, your purchase goes to help plant trees for reforestation in the Mindo Cloud forest of Ecuador. The Nicaragua Segovia is bold yet has a touch of fruity flavors from apricot, fig, and spice, bringing a refreshing experience to your mug.

If you like to keep your coffee black or want to reduce your sugar intake, the sweetness from the fruits balances out the bitterness of the dark beverage. For a reasonable price, we recommend you stick with the dark roast coffee beans rather than the ground version to certify you have a fresh bag.

Packaging may be a problem since this pack is not resealable, so better do a proper cut or have an airtight container around to seal.

Due to its fruity blend, though, you might consider this as a lighter version of a dark roast coffee, and might end up being disappointed if you do not get a taste of that bitter kick. This line is also a bit more acidic compared to others, so drink carefully or better stay safe if you’re hyper acidic.


  • Balanced bitterness
  • Reasonable priced
  • Fun fruity flavor


  • Light version
  • A bit more acidic than other dark versions

4. Peet’s Coffee Italian Dark Roast Coffee

Most users would say you will need some extra experience before getting your hands on brewing the strong Italian coffee by Peet’s Coffee. Although, Peet’s Italian Coffee has been loved by even those who are new to brewing their coffee at home and just started giving it a try.

Just strong enough and blended with fruity hints of blueberry and citrus, this Italian coffee is also one of those lighter dark roast coffees. So if you prefer a little bit of sweetness, you might want to give this a try, but it may not be the best for those who prefer a stronger flavor.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Good coffee bean quality
  • Best for any coffee love


  • Not for those who want a stronger flavor

5. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

The Colombian Huila by Koffee Kult delivers a smooth and strong sip for your taste. While it is strong, you still get some slight nutty and chocolate notes that blend beautifully with the natural flavor of this coffee. You get a decent amount for one bag at 32 ounces for an affordable price.

You might find their dark roast coffee beans lightly oiled, unlike other brands out there, but the freshness is still there, thanks to its packaging. There have been a few complaints about getting the bag open, but at least the tight seal does assure you that it can lock in the aroma and flavor.


  • Natural flavor
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality


  • Lightly oiled

6. Fresh Roasted Black Knight Organic Coffee

The company claims another spot on our list with their coffee that is as dark as the evening sky and bold like a knight in shining armor. The Black Knight Organic Coffee has a true dark taste with hints of sweetness that taste of caramel and tropical fruit. For a 5-pound bag, you get as much as you pay at an affordable price.

The Black Knight is a great choice for those who prefer their coffee strong and even safe for its organic production. If you prefer something on a lighter note, this may not be the best beans for you to brew. This line of dark roast coffee is known for always keeping fresh, as you get your beans covered in fresh oil. While this makes grinding it easier, excess oil might ruin your brew and turn those beans into instant sludge, so consider this if you are new to grinding coffee yourself as it might need extra practice.


  • Strong coffee
  • Tropical taste
  • Premium quality


  • It may not be suitable for beginners

7. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee: Honduran Marcala Dark Roasted Coffee

As exotic as it sounds, the Honduran Marcala by Cafe Don Pablo is surely one of a kind. The possibilities of what you could make are almost endless as their product provides information on the best methods to brew your coffee. This product is great for a piping hot mug or an iced coffee to go, without having to lose that flavorful coffee and chocolatey touch. It has been noted for its quite low acidity, so it’s easy on your tastebuds and tummy.

Though their roasted beans come in a resealable bag, the company recommends that they must be kept in an airtight container to prolong freshness and shelf life, so be careful with leaving a bag exposed. While the flavor is bold, you still get the sweet chocolate aftertaste that this coffee is popular for. Plus, their five-pound comes at an affordable price of $38.99.


  • Easy on the taste buds
  • Affordable price
  • Sweet chocolate aftertaste


  • Not suitable drinkers not wanting chocolate flavor

8. Java Planet Colombia Organic

Being a healthier option while remaining to the true bold flavor this product offers, the Java Planet Colombia Organic Coffee is a dream in a cup. Organically grown and heated at a medium-dark level, your body will thank you for some coffee that can do some cleansing and will not give you a bad stomach.

The product description itself states that the coffee is of low acidity but consider purchasing a one-pound bag to try. Depending on how you usually react to coffee, results may vary, the more sensitive your belly is. Nonetheless, Colombia Organic is surely a full-on flavor that will not be hurting your budget.


  • Smooth, full flavor
  • Good quality
  • Affordable price


  • Low acidity levels affect the taste

9. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee is going bold all the way by taking another spot at the top with their Major Dickason’s Blend. This blend has a beautiful balance of its strong and sweet nutty aftertaste to give you a smooth yet full-bodied cup of joe. This coffee still has a slight bit of acidity to watch out for, so mixing it with other less acidic blends should do the trick.

If you have tried the original Peet’s Coffee of the ’80s, you might agree that their taste has made some change over time, but it can’t beat the quality of fresh beans. You can find Peet’s at your local grocery and on Amazon in case you do not have the time to go out for a coffee run. A bit pricey for 20 ounces. If you have been a loyal Peet’s Coffee fan, though, it will surely be worth it.


  • Full-bodied coffee
  •  Great quality coffee beans
  • The nutty aftertaste and balanced coffee


  • A bit pricey

10. Koffee Kult Beans Dark Coffee

Another strong contender, Koffee Kult, makes a comeback on this least with its original Dark roasted coffee. It made its name for its full body matched with bold taste and notes of cinnamon spice. This line is a tad bit more expensive, starting at $17.50 for a bag at 12 ounces, but for those who love their coffee at full strength, this is their ideal bean to grind.

So if you can’t stand a cup that might be too bitter for your taste, we suggest you blend it or try their lighter version available. The flavor and body have also seemed to vary depending on the brewing method used, so this might be a bit more of a trial to get the taste you are after.


  • Full-bodied flavor
  • Full-strength
  • Ideal for grinding


  • Get better tasted by blending to a lighter version

11. Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee

While the name for our number one sounds intimidating, it is a spot well-deserved for how loved this coffee is. Death Wish Coffee is a blend that will get you perked or experience pure pleasure from its aroma and flavor. Death Wish has hints of caramel and chocolate sweetness without overpowering the strength of its taste. The best part is its low acidity is low indeed!

Fans of Death Wish have made multiple orders for both flavors and have no worries about getting a bellyache. Whether you enjoy your cup bold or just a little sweet, you may want this on your wish list.

Death Wish Co. only packs their coffee in small bags though and can come pricey, so make you have to make each mug count.


  • Rich aroma and flavor
  • Low acidity that won’t hurt the tummy
  • Premium quality


  • Pricey

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands

Before making a purchase, you should carefully read all the descriptions and packaging levels. There should be some instructions that need to be followed by you properly while storing the dark roasted coffee beans. You can also find a good guide on making your cup of coffee below.

Consider the following points here while you dive into our top ten dark roasted coffee and add them to your cart or wish list:

1. Your type of flavor

Maybe you prefer an even darker blend for a smokier flavor or just the right amount for balance. Because it will depend more on the heat when it comes to taste, you will have to check in on how dark roast exactly suits your taste.

2. Dark roast coffee varieties

Here are the varieties of dark roast coffee beans you find in the market:

  • Continental – It is widely grown in French and Belgian traditions. These are roasted extensively to give the best and most potent flavor.
  • New Orleans – The dark and bold roast will look like nuts.
  • Espresso – These are shiny and look oily. You can find them in black color.
  • Viennese – The dark roast is known for its deep color and small spots of oils that you find on the beans.
  • Italian – These are mostly found in the top coffee shops that bring you a unique kind of sweetness and rich flavor.
  • French – It gives a dark color to the coffee and is smoky.

3. Date

It would help if you took care of the date of expiry on the package. It will ensure the freshers of your coffee and the flavor’s quality.

4. Origin of coffee beans

It is essential for coffee lovers as, in most cases, the origin of coffee can change the texture of every sip. Therefore, different coffee beans grow worldwide and have different flavors to create a unique experience in every cup.

5. How did the coffee beans grow

While purchasing a product, you should know how the coffee beans are manufactured if you are an aware person. Whether the origin is organic or the product is obtained by fair trade. If you prefer healthier and safer products, you should read the description before buying.

6. Manufacturer

To ensure the final quality of the product, you need to know about the coffee manufacturer or the producers. The identity of manufacturers can determine the final quality results.

7. Importance of processing 

Processing is a method that separates the beans from the cherry before roasting and brewing coffee. Profound effects of coffee’s sweetness, flavor, and textures are dependent on the processing. 

Washed processing is one of the most popular which would improve the control over coffee’s flavor and profile. In this process, the beans are soaked in water for 12 to 24 hours. The thick and sugary layer of coffee beans – mucilage can be removed by this processing. 

If you want the freshness of fruits in your purchased coffee beans, natural or dry and honey processings will be required. These processes are a little complex but you will get a sweeter flavor and lighter textures. So, whenever, you’re going to buy a pack of coffee, you should take care of what processes were involved. 

8. Effects of roasting on flavor 

Coffees are roasted in different levels from light to dark. In light roasts, you will feel the natural flavor of the coffee. This will make your choice easier as it will give you a very subtle and delicate taste. But acidity level of the coffee is more during this roasting.  

However, in medium roasts, the acidity level is more balanced with a heavier texture. Medium roasts give you the taste of origin in the coffee beans.

If you like a sweeter taste in your cup of coffee, dark roasts will be appropriate for you. The acidity level of the coffee beans in this rost level becomes the lowest. 

Moreover, the effect of brewing methods is also predominant in the taste of coffee. Roasting levels are different for every brewing method. In filter coffee, medium to light roast levels is applied. On the other hand, dark roast coffees would be used in expresso.

Final Words

We also love coffee, as you do. We cannot compromise our taste with a bit of baldness when it comes to the question of coffee. You can get dark roast coffee with lots of flavors such as chocolate, dark sugar, and roasted nuts. These flavors will take you on another tour of happiness and refreshment. There are various products and brands available as a choice of dark roast coffee beans.

As with every sip of dark-roast coffee, we feel energized and look forward to the exciting endeavors of life; we cannot just neglect some basic facts (which have been discussed in this article) while purchasing it. For more information on coffee, you can read other coffee-related articles here.


What does dark roast coffee taste like?

No, it will not taste anything like dark chocolate or just a powerful bitter flavor on your taste buds. It manifests more of its taste from the process.

Does dark roast have more caffeine?

It is often mistaken to have higher levels of caffeine compared to others. In fact, lighter versions have more caffeine compared to dark coffees, making them ideal for drinking at the end of the day or if you just want to treat yourself to a cup minus the arousing buzz. Their lower acidity level, so you can enjoy more mugs without worrying too much about your health. We have reviewed some decaf coffee brands which has low caffeine content.

Is dark roasted coffee available in other forms?

You might have seen or even tried it without even knowing! It is most especially known for making espressos from fresh espresso beans and comes in other forms going by several popular names. Some favorites include:

  • Continental Dark Roast
  • Espresso Dark Roast Coffee
  • French Dark Roast
  • Italian
  • New Orleans
  • Spanish

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