My Lifeboost medium roast coffee review

If you’re someone who cannot imagine your morning without a hot mug of coffee, I feel you. That appealing warm cuppa of your favorite coffee can vivify your dawn and get you prepared for the day with its ultimate boost of freshness. There are times when you won’t get your hands on good-quality coffee, and due to its poor grade, you may feel acidic and uneasy.

I identified this issue and started hunting for a premium yet pocket-friendly coffee brand that fills this gap, and I got around to Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee.

I agree that the brand is a bit expensive compared to other available options, but it surely gives a lot in return.

Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee is all about smooth and bold taste, surreal aroma, and not to forget: premium quality and the gourmet feel.

Let’s get into a detailed review of the Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee

Sourced from Central America’s farms, the company comes up with simple, pure, and cleanest coffee.

  • Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee is less acidic and easy on the stomach. The fragrance of their medium roast can surely persuade a coffee lover to try them and allow that flavor to linger around the taste buds.
  • The best part I love about Lifeboost’s medium roast is that their coffee beans are grown without the help of any pesticides or other harmful chemicals, keeping it all organic and chemical-free for the consumers.

Generally, there’s a bitter aftertaste of a coffee, but I felt that the company is careful about its consumer’s experience and eradicates this issue for them to enjoy and experience an awesome coffee-drinking sesh.

Unlike other coffee brands, Lifeboost focuses on consumers’ health and aims to provide a beverage that is easy on their overall health and gives them a sense of satisfaction without hampering the actual taste.

You can have a mug of their medium roast without adding creamer.

The brand drives to make you their admirer by the coffee’s tempting taste and alluring aroma. A mug of Lifeboost’s medium roast is a medium-light body drink and is smooth in taste that can elevate your mood and boost your energy in seconds.

Talking about its packaging, the flavorful coffee beans can be delivered to your doorstep by the brand in a burlap sack if you want to preserve the taste and authenticity.

There’s no denying the fact that once you start having Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee, it’s difficult for you to go back and find the same taste in any other available options.

The overall packaging is indeed not up to the mark. Still, by introducing some minimal yet noticeable changes, they can surely level up their packaging and make their product look more attractive and pleasing to the customer’s eyes.

Lifeboost Coffee is USDA certified and third-party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and 400 other toxins. So, you can be tension-free and don’t get worried about what you’re letting in your body. The brand sells all kinds of coffee beans and is best for someone who knows the taste of coffee and can differentiate between good and bad quality coffee and coffee beans.

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With a great taste, Lifeboost medium roast coffee guarantees ultimate health benefits like:

1. Boost energy level:

The caffeine quantity in Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee can increase your metabolic rate and improve your energy level if consumed moderately. It is also responsible for releasing adrenaline which can help in energy release.

2. Cuts body fat:

Having a hot cup of coffee can help you lose those extra fats and make you fit and healthy. When you pick a packet of Lifeboost’s medium roast coffee, you can check all its ingredients, making procedure, and how they claim to help you in your fitness journey without compromising the product’s taste and standards.

3. Looks after your heart health:

With its impeccable certifications and recognitions, Lifeboost’s medium roast also keeps a check on your heart health and shields you from cardiovascular diseases.

4. Brings that shine back to your skin:

So this one is for all the lovely ladies. I love our skin, right? Lifeboost’s premium coffee is best for the skin as it contains caffeine and polyphenols like chlorogenic acids (CGA) that contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects to bring that shine back to your gorgeous skin.

Hands down! Lifeboost is actually a real deal if you don’t want to compromise with your morning mug of tempting coffee. Though it’s quite expensive compared to other competitors, and once you get a hang of it, I bet you won’t turn your back and say yes to any other brand. Its gourmet taste, exquisite quality, and fresh aroma justify its pricing.

Grab a pack of Lifeboost’s medium roast if you want a silky, chocolatey, and aromatic mug anytime during the day. Be it during your regular office hours or a lazy evening; a mug of Lifeboost’s medium roast can match all your sudden mood swings and cravings. Go, grab a pack and get going.

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