My Lifeboost light roast coffee review – DId I Like it Or Not?

Are you a big-time fan of light roast coffee? If yes, you need to know about an amazing coffee brand named Lifeboost. Just like the name of the brand shows, the coffee will help you in getting a major boost in your everyday life. You will fall in love with the deliciousness and the aroma of light roast coffee.

Lifeboost is one of the best gourmet coffee brands that is known for offering all kinds of classic and flavoured whole coffee beans. After reading the word gourmet coffee, most people feel that it’s just a fancy coffee. To know about the reality of Lifeboost, I have come up with this review. This is a totally unbiased review of Lifeboost coffee that will help you in making the right choice. The review contains the good as well as the bad part of the Lifeboost light roast coffee.

Before you get a detailed review of the lifeboost coffee, you should know that the coffee is pricey. But, you will get lots of benefits and deliciousness in return.

The best part about light roast coffee by Lifeboost is that it is organic in nature, and it is a single-origin coffee that is grown in the shade. In addition to this, in comparison to regular coffee, Lifeboost coffee is less acidic. Thus, it is also good for people with sensitive stomachs. Unlike other coffee brands with less acid content, Lifeboost doesn’t sacrifice the flavour and aroma of coffee. You will also get an amazing brew in the Lifeboost light roast coffee.

Pros and cons of Lifeboost light roast coffee


  • The coffee is quite delicious and aromatic
  • You can also choose the decaf version of light roast coffee
  • Low in acidic levels
  • The coffee is mycotoxin free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee offer if you don’t like the coffee
  • Makes an amazing brew

Cons of Lifeboost light roast coffee

  • A bit pricey as compared to regular coffee
  • Packaging is not too attractive
  • Doesn’t work too good with cream and sugar

About the company Lifeboost

All types of coffee manufactured by Lifeboost are sourced from the mountains in Nicaragua. The company uses only 100% high-quality Arabica for manufacturing light roast coffee. You will also be glad to know that coffee is grown on farms without pesticides.

The coffee beans are also bird-friendly and organic.

All Lifeboost coffees come from the same place. Thus, you won’t be able to experiment with the flavour.

Hot coffee by Lifeboost

You get a delicious hot cup of coffee by choosing the Lifeboost light roast coffee. All you need to do is ground the beans before brewing. You will be overwhelmed by the delicious and enticing aroma of hot coffee by Lifeboost. The coffee will feel smooth and incredibly drinkable.

The only difference between the light roast and light roast coffee is that the dark roast coffee comes up with a nutty and chocolatey flavour. In addition to this, you may also get a hint of bitterness in the coffee.

Cold-brew coffee

If you are an all-time fan of cold brew coffee, you will love the Lifeboost coffee. The best part about the cold brew is that it is quite low in acidity. Thus, people with stomach issues can easily drink cold brew coffee.

Packaging of the coffee

If you order the Lifeboost coffee, you will feel that they do a pretty good job in shipping. The beans are roasted as per the demand of customers. The box is wrapped carefully. The packaging may not look exciting from the outside, but it protects the precious coffee beans.

Extra features

There are other features that set Lifeboost coffee apart from its competitors. One of the best features that you may love about the Lifeboost coffee is that it is packed in an old-fashioned burlap sack. In addition to this, the company also offers a 30-day money-back on the light roast coffee. Thus, if you don’t like the coffee or if there is an issue with your product, you can ask for a refund.

The verdict for Lifeboost light roast coffee

After going through the detailed pros and cons of Lifeboost light roast coffee, you may be eager to know whether Lightboost coffee is a good option for you or not. The final verdict from our end is that you can certainly go for Lifeboost light roast coffee if you want to have a delicious cup of coffee. But, the only downside of this brand is that the price of coffee is high. Let us know if you loved the Lifeboost light roast coffee or not.

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