Does Hummus Go Bad – How long does it last

Hummus is a very delicious paste which is first originated in the middle east. The significant ingredients included in hummus are chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, and oil.

According to some experts, hummus contains a lot of benefits for our health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and it also helps promote the digestive health of the person. You will be amazed to know that hummus is one of the most loved dips worldwide.

We use it for dipping the pita bread and fresh veggies. It even tastes much better than the mayo as it makes the sandwiches so much more delicious. Today you can find hummus in so many tore around you, and you can keep it in your fridge.

There is no denying that hummus is filled with many minerals and vitamins, promoting overall health. So if you are looking for a great source of protein and fibre, then consuming hummus is the best suitable option for you. But the thing is that how can you tell if the hummus has gone bad. One of the best ways by which you can check if the hummus has gone bad is by smelling it.

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How to tell if Hummus is bad

If you think your hummus has a sour smell or its taste has become sour, they both are good indicators that it is not suitable for consumption now. You should know that the hummus is made of all the fresh ingredients which don’t have a longer life spend when you make it at home or if you buy it from the store. It is essential for you to make sure that the hummus is fresh and good to use before you start eating it. It will help in ensuring that you are not eating spoiled food.

1. Best to use before the expiry date

We all are aware of the fact that everything that you buy from the store and is packed contains the label on it. In these labels, it is mentioned that best if used by dates, or we often call it the expiration date.

Do you know why these companies mention it? Well, it is because they are advising you to consume that product by this date as it will be of the best quality by then. The hummus which you buy from the store also has the expiration date mentioned on its label.

You should always check this expiration date before consuming the hummus to make sure that you are not eating the bad hummus. It would be best for you to consume that hummus before the expiration date.

But it is okay to use it after five days of expiration day also if you didn’t know about the expiration date. If you want to know more ways to tell if the hummus has gone bad, then you should follow along.

2. Sour smell

When you open the container of the hummus, and you notice that some kind of sour smell is coming from it, then it is safe for you to throw that container away. The hummus starts to have sour smells when it has become bad. The sour smell of the hummus indicates that it is spoiled, and the bacteria in it have started to increase.

So, it is not safe for you to eat that hummus anymore. You might don’t know that the hummus actually doesn’t have much of its scent. When you add a different kind of flavors to your hummus and seasoning, then it is an obvious thing that its smell will also change, but the sour smell is always a definite sign that the hummus has gone bad. 

You should know that whether you have garlic hummus, bagel hummus, or chocolate hummus, the smells of all these varieties of hummus will be different. The sweet smell, smoky scents, and garlic smells are good smells if they are going along with the flavor of hummus that you have bought. But the hummus and the sour smell are definitely not a good combination, and it is an excellent way to tell that the hummus is not good to consume anymore.

3. Sour taste

As you know that the smell of the hummus should never be sour, and the same thing applies to the sour taste of hummus. When your hummus starts to get spoil, then you will notice that taste of hummus is sour. Sometimes there is a lemonary kind of tase of hummus, but it is totally different from the sour taste of hummus.

You will know about the sour taste when you eat it. If you notice the sour taste of the hummus, then it is good for you not to use that hummus and throw it away. It is not worth it to risk your health by eating spoiled hummus.

As you know, the hummus comes in many flavors, so the one can taste completely different from the others. But sour is not any kind of flavor, and you should not eat it if you notice the sour taste and smell.

4. Appearance

The hummus is a very smooth and creamy spread. The color of hummus is different in all the flavors in which it comes. But one of the most important things that you should look for in order to tell if the hummus has gone bad is the mold appearance.

 It is one of the most obvious signs or symptoms that indicates that the hummus has gone bad. The molds in the hummus come in a lot of colors, and the thing is that none of these molds are good for your health. You might notice the white or grey mild growing in the hummus container. It can happen if you haven’t stored the hummus in the right way or it has passed its expiry date. You should never eat the hummus which has molds in it.

How can you store the hummus?

Homemade hummus usually contains no preservatives, so you should expect it to keep in the refrigerator for around 4 to 5 days.

Hummus (sold unrefrigerated and unopened)Ideally through + 1 – 3 months 
Hummus (sold unrefrigerated, opened) 4 – 7 days
Hummus (sold chilled and unopened) Use for + 3 – 7 days
Hummus (sold chilled, opened) 4 – 7 days
Hummus (homemade) 4 – 5 days

When it comes to opened hummus, it often takes a few days longer than the estimates above, but that’s not a given. Please note that all of the above periods are rough estimates.

It is crucial for you to make sure that you are storing your hummus in a tightly sealed container. This rule is applicable for both homemade hummus as well as store-bought hummus. It is because if the air or other containments get in contact with your hummus, then it leads to the growth of the bacteria, and it will start spoiling.

How long does hummus last?

Hummus can last up to two weeks in the fridge if it is stored properly. Hummus should be stored in an airtight container to avoid any contamination from other foods. Hummus can also be frozen for up to three months if it is properly sealed and wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Store hummus in the refrigerator

You should know that the right temperature for storing your hummus is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less than this temperature. When you buy it from the store and in between the uses, you should make sure that you are keeping it cold and it is well sealed. You should know that the hummus will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days after opening its seal.

According to the FDA, you can leave out the hummus for four or more hours, and then you should get it tossed. After this period of time, the bacteria start building up, and putting it in the fridge will also not stop it from getting spoiled.

Freezing hummus

you need to know that it is also possible to freeze the hummus. It depends on the manufacturer, the same consistency of the hummus, as well as its taste, will not always come back, but still, it is pretty delicious. It is crucial for you to make sure to use the freezer-safe container to prevent the moisture from getting it.

You should know that it is recommended to you that freezing it in a small serving is good so that you can easily take it out only when you are using it within a day. You will be glad to hear that freezing the hummus will allow you to keep the hummus consumable for 6 to months or up to a year. It is essential that you should not keep the hummus frozen for more than a year because it will not taste great after that time.

The final sayings!

By now, you might have got enough information on how to know that your hummus has gone bad. These are some of the signs and symptoms which will help you in making sure that you are not consuming the bad hummus.

Rotten or spoiled hummus is not suitable for eating, and you can even lose your health. so you should never compromise your health and make sure that you are eating the fresh and healthy hummus in your diet.

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