What to dip in Hummus?

Have you ever tried Hummus? The Hummus is a kind of smooth and very creamy dip, which is known for its savoury use. Hummus is prepared from the Chickpeas, which are defined as Garbanzo beans. Most people recognize it as a specific variety of Legume. People are obsessed with the taste of Hummus which is the reason that hummus has a high demand in the market.

If we talk about the classic traditional hummus, it has a creamy texture and looks like a light bean dip. The flavor of this hummus has a good taste of garlic along with the lemon juice. This lemon twist adds a bright look to the hummus, which attracts people.

Furthermore, the olive oil is sprinkled over the top of Hummus, and some people also like to spread paprika over the top. However, hummus comes in a lot of flavors which you can easily find in the market. Here in this article, we will discuss the best things that you can dip in the hummus. If you want to know about them, you are suggested to take a look at the points mentioned below.


Carrots are very healthy and crunchy veggies that taste really yum when you pair them with the hummus. The best thing is that it is straightforward to prepare a kind of snack and you can have it any time whenever you are hungry. You can have carrot with hummus anytime without any guilt because it is the healthiest option to eat. If you don’t like the raw flavor, then eating roasted carrots with hummus can also be a very delicious option.


If you want another healthy option, then cucumbers are also a fantastic thing that you can dip in with the hummus. The blandness sin the cucumber slice really highlights the fantastic flavor of the hummus. The best thing is that you can have this snack anytime you want. There is no guilt in eating the cucumbers with hummus because they both are the healthiest option.

Wheat thins

The wheat thins are small-sized crackers that packs a lot of nutrients if you combine them with the hummus. You will surely love this combination. Dipping the wheat thins in your hummus will be a very delicious thing, and you will fall in love with this authentic taste.


The fruits are the best combination with the hummus. You can also try the strawberries dip in the dark chocolate dessert hummus, and it will taste fantastic. Some of the fruits which you can use for dipping into hummus are berries, apple slices, pear, and grapes. All the fruits taste fantastic with the hummus.

Rice cakes

We all know that rice cakes come in a lot of flavors. If you want to have the best thing to dip into the hummus, then the rice cakes are really excellent options. You can quickly eat the rice cakes with hummus, and they are so yummy. People from all over the world appreciate the combination of rice cakes and hummus.


You can quickly dip the chest into your hummus; however, it would be good for you to stack the cheese on any cracker first and then dip them both into the hummus. You will really love this combination. The cheese is really a great thing that you can dip into your hummus to make it more impressive and flavourful.

Black bean chips

The black bean chips are really very great, and when you dip them into the tasty hummus, then this combo comes out to be really great. The best thing is that you will have a fantastic salty crunch when you dip the black bean chips in the hummus. If you haven’t tried dipping the black bean chips in hummus, then you should try it now.

Pita bread and chips

The pita bread is a fantastic thing that you can use for dipping in the hummus. All you have to do is heat up the bread a little, then dip it into your hummus. It is really a good combo to have because the thing is that it is a much classier combo than the crackers and chips. The pita chips are also a perfect option to dip in the hummus because they have the authentic flavor of pita bread along with the crunchiness. You can pair the pita chips with any flavor of the hummus but using the simpler one is a better option.


You need to know that the pretzels are the kind of bread made by using the dough, and usually, it is flavored by adding salt. The thing is that the process used in making this bread gives the traditional flavor as well as the iconic twist to this dish. There are a lot of pretzels from which you can decide to choose the one that you like. You will never get disappointed by dipping the pretzels into the hummus because this combo is the bomb, and you will love this taste.

Roasted sweet potatoes

Who doesn’t like roasted sweet potatoes, right? Well, you will be amazed to know that the roasted sweet potatoes go really well with the hummus. You can eat the roasted sweet potatoes by dipping them in the hummus. This taste is really unique.


The hummus and crackers are the perfect things, and no one can deny this fact. There are so many options available to you for the crackers for the hummus, and you can choose the one you like the most. The best thing is that it is a super easy thing and you can eat it any time. Even if you are travelling, then also you can take cancer and hummus dip along with you.

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The final verdict!

By now, you might have got so many options to dip in the hummus. All the options which are listed above are really excellent, and they will taste delicious. You can try any of these combos out, which is best according to your taste.

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