10 Best Organic Coffee for your Caffeine Indulgence: Reviews, Top Picks, and Buying Guide

Arabica coffee is considered one of the most sought-after beverages in the modern era. The limited supply, absence of fair trade policies, and the lack of transparency are the reasons for the restricted supply. Produced primarily in areas with higher altitudes, organic Coffee is best attributed to an aromatic presence and distinguishable sweetness of profile.

However, as coffee experts, we believe, that every company selling organic Coffee doesn’t have the same mildness of flavor, and the inherent full-bodied profile depends on the harvesting techniques.

Organic Coffee is, therefore, a preferred choice for most caffeine lovers. It is courtesy of the cleaner and sustainable growing techniques followed by minimal to zero usage of pesticides or chemically-enhanced fertilizers.

In the subsequent sections, we take 10 of the best organic coffee variants into account and evaluate them based on the organic label, certifications, taste profile, full-body texture, stomach-friendliness, toxicity levels, growing techniques, and the point of contact.

Each of our 20 coffee connoisseurs or experts has used these entities for over four months to evaluate the strength, efficacy, and probable side effects of continued usage.

Every review will, therefore, have an expert suggestion section at the end, just to ensure you get the most out of your money and can use the Coffee most productively.

#1 Recommended

Lifeboost Medium Roast coffee

Overall Rating: 5/5

As coffee lovers and caffeine addicts, our vote goes to Lifeboost as the top organic Coffee of the year 2022. While the GMO and pesticide-free profiles are obvious for this to qualify as the best, it is the low-acid texture and the full-bodied taste profile right from the Isles of Hawaii that are the show stealers.

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Best Medium Roast

Java Planet Colombia Medium-dark roast

Overall Rating: 4/5

Java lets you enjoy stomach-friendly coffee that is low on acid and filled with antioxidants. It also has a rich taste with fruit undertones. Moreover, they use 100% Arabica beans straight from the high altitudes of Colombia, grown organically without any pesticides or GMOs. 

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Best Dark Roast

Death Wish Dark roast coffee

Overall Rating: 4/5

Rich and bold in taste, Death Wish Dark roast coffee serves the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta beans to start the day with a blast of energy. This dark roast coffee has dark chocolate and cherry tones that is simultaneously very smooth and low in acid. It is USDA certified.

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10 Best Organic Coffee Brands in 2022

1. Life boost Organic Coffee

A zero-Chemical approach to harvesting
  • Strong, single-origin brew
  • Medium roast tastes heavenly
  • Lowest possible Mycotoxin count according to FDA standards
  • Full-bodied taste and aroma
  • Tailored packaging
  • Low acid brew
  • Pricey

If you are looking for the best organic brand that is reminiscent of the best coffee variants, Lifeboost is the one to consider. Initially retailing as light, medium, and even dark roasted Coffee, the single Nicaraguan lineage is all about the best taste, enhanced fruity aroma, a Mycotoxin-free profile, and enviable levels of smoothness.

Lifeboost Coffee is potent enough, with a single cup capable of giving a 100mg caffeine boost to the concerned individual. Moreover, Lifeboost follows a Farm-to-Cup approach, which further validates the existing credibility. Most importantly, it brings forth the fair trade policy, which increases the price but makes way for enhanced production and supply-centric transparency.

Unlike some of the other Arabica brands, Lifeboost Coffee is shade-grown. This attribute minimizes direct exposure to sunlight which allows the firm to keep the moisture intact, especially in the lightly roasted beans. We understand that only 2 percent of the global coffee brands are completely shade-grown and this is what makes Lifeboost one of the most sought-after products in the market.

Another essential aspect is that the beans associated with Lifeboost are handpicked, hand washed using spring water, and sun-dried at controlled levels. The moisture content is adequately reduced without amplifying the acidity levels of the same.

Expert Recommendation: Consider purchasing the darker roast or medium roast if you are looking for something easier on the stomach.

2. Java Planet Colombia Medium-dark roast


  • Balanced mouthfeel
  • Best paired with cookies and peanuts
  • Chocolaty aroma

Java Planet is one of the more preferred organic options for coffee lovers. Featuring a highly dense form factor, the coffee beans associated with this variant does not let the aroma escape, courtesy of the micro-pores. Moreover, the Java Planet grows its Coffee at a higher elevation; thereby making way for a better shelf-life.

Unlike the non-organic brews which include truckloads of chemicals, this organic variant is all about striking the perfect balance between the nutrient profile of the beans and the efficacy of the medium-dark roast. If you are interested in a product with chocolate and floral flavor notes, this is the brew to consider.

This Colombia brew is mildly acidic and gives a decent caffeine kick. Despite being of the most balanced products, the flavors are often overpowering courtesy of the heavy brewing texture. Coffee lovers who characterize brands by aroma are bound to fall in love with the enchanting, nutty aroma. 


  • Balanced taste profile
  • The taste profile is quite complex
  • Minimal acidity levels despite being a medium dark roast


  • The heavy texture puts off certain individuals

Expert Recommendation: If you want to consider pairings opt for simple snacks as the Coffee itself is overpowering and will leave a lasting impression.

3. Death Wish Coffee


  • Higher caffeine content
  • Blend of Robusta and Arabica beans
  • Completely organic and kosher

Consider this variant if you are looking to go on a war! Loaded with the power of caffeine i.e. 60mg per ounce, this product is anything but weak and manufactured organically for ardent coffee lovers who prefer machine brewing. While most of the other variants on our list talk about favors, texture, aroma, and body, this variant is all about raw power.

Just tasted the coffee, it was good!

As expected, this product is retailed as a dark roast and needs to be brewed with restraint. When it comes to the packaging, the company takes special care in mentioning the dates by which the same needs to be sold. Most importantly, the flavor associated with this Coffee isn’t a letdown and we weren’t jolted by the expected bitterness. To our surprise, the Coffee tasted mild but the buzz was insane and long-lasting.

The company follows fair trading policies and the Coffee extracted out of the beans is distinguishably aromatic. Moreover, this USDA-certified blend readily changes our perception of organically grown variants.


  • Insane caffeine kick that lasts an eternity
  • Fairtrade certification on display
  • Unexpectedly mild and aromatic flavors


  • You need to be careful while consuming the same due to the highest possible caffeine content

Expert Recommendation: Try and purchase the organic coffee beans associated with this company. If you are looking to experience enhanced levels of freshness and aroma, get a grinder and French press to process the beans, extract the powder, and then prepare a high caffeine brew.

4. Jungle Coffee Gourmet


  • Features 100 percent Arabica bean coffee
  • USDA certification
  • Comes in a Vacuum pack

If you are interested in organic coffees of Costa Rican origin and innovative and tailored packaging style, Jungle Coffee is the preferred organic Coffee to consider. Unlike blend bean coffee, this is a single origin gourmet product, boasting authenticity, and indigenous aromatic profiles.

When it comes to the processing technique, the company makes way for wet-roasting via pods which helps maintain the aroma and fullness of flavors. Low on acidity, this Coffee is perfect for a seasoned coffee lover. Moreover, as the roasting is done in small batches, the taste profile is maintained and there isn’t any aftertaste to account for.

The silky texture is an add-on, and the vacuum-sealed, single valve packaging makes sure that the beans attract no moisture during transportation. Moreover, the concept of fair trade makes sure that medium roast variants are supplied and received without quality compromises. 


  • Foil bags are used for packaging
  • Fairtrade certified
  • No disturbing aftertaste
  • Minimal acidity


  • Coffee body after grinding can be slightly underwhelming for caffeine addicts

Expert Recommendation: Consider keeping the product dry and away from atmospheric moisture at every point in time. Dark roasted beans need to be ground finely for preparing the perfect cup of Coffee.

5. Camano Island Coffee Roasters


  • Versatile beans with a cleanest possible finish
  • Rich and long-lasting flavors
  • Full-bodied taste profile

For coffee lovers interested in whole beans, the Camano Island Coffee Roasters is one of the few products that offer a rich taste and diversity of flavors. As a USDA-certified organic variant, this product also features a unique, specialty grade for the existing beans.

Most importantly, the bean texture is extremely unique as this product features the top 1 percent Arabica selections. The medium roast is synonymous with a creamy flavor and effectively combines the dark roast’s buzz with the mild sweetness of the light roast. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that, unlike Death Wish, the Camano Island Coffee Roasters is suitable for an average coffee lover.

What’s crucial to note is that this is one of the rarest forms of shade-grown Coffee that boasts environmental sustainability. Most importantly, Papua New Guinea organic lineage further validates the credibility of this globally renowned name.


  • Extraordinary profile
  • Perfect brand for the health-conscious
  • Follows a farm-to-cup approach


  • Elusive and hard to get
  • Pricey

Expert Recommendation: The best way to consume this shade-grown, whole bean coffee is to grind the same and add a little bit of water to get rid of the dryness before consuming.

6. Two Volcanoes


  • A perfect blend of organic Arabica and Robusta
  • Freshest organic coffee in the consumer market

It is hard to get hold of an espresso bean blend that boasts of freshness and an extreme flavor profile. Our experts were clearly amazed by the aromatic presence of this Coffee and the density of each whole bean associated with the same.

To start with, this is a single origin product with both Robusta and Arabica beans hailing from the same place. Not just that, the beans are grown, harvested, and packed at the same location, thereby ensuring the world-class freshness of profile. When it comes to the packaging, the degassing valve is a great addition and proof of authenticity.

The dark roast is extremely smooth and once you taste the same for the first time, you would prefer homebrews over the middling baristas. The woodsy taste might be a letdown but three of our experts adored the same. However, what stands out is the decent caffeine content which leaves a lasting buzz.


  • Helps prepare a potent cup of Coffee
  • Customizable blend that can be used for preparing lattes, cold coffees, and espressos
  • Strong aroma and flavor profile


  • Can taste bitter if over-brewed
  • The woodsy taste might not cater uniformly to the coffee lovers

Expert Recommendation: You must be very careful while brewing as despite being a blend, over-brewing can cause a bitter aftertaste.

7. The Bean Coffee Company


  • Refined Mocha Java and whole bean organic blend
  • Californian origin
  • Eco-friendly
  • Helps amplify existing energy levels

The bean coffee company is all about perfection and shade-grown, organic techniques. The best thing about this innovative product is that no chemicals are used and the soil is enriched using a host of natural techniques. Although the company excels in providing multiple blends and diverse flavor profiles, the Mocha Blend readily showcases the taste and freshness on offer.

The concerned product tastes chocolaty and sweet but you can also connect with the harvester for exploring other offerings, including Aloha bean, Vanilla Bean, hazelnut, caramel, and other similar infusions. An interesting aspect and the main reason for the aromatic richness is that medium roasting is initiated in small batches and with zero compromises.

When it comes to caffeine content, the bean coffee company performs satisfactorily. While the impact isn’t like that of Death Wish Coffee you’re still expected to get a reasonable kick with this exceptional product.


  • Comes in a host of flavors
  • USDA certified organic
  • CCOF certified


  • The caffeine buzz doesn’t last long

Expert Recommendation: While we tried the Mocha Java variant, if you get the chance, go through the entire catalog and consider tasting other organic variants of this whole bean coffee.

8. Hualalai Estate- 100 Percent Premium Coffee


  • Uniform coffee beans
  • No issue related to over or under roasting
  • Organic certification

Although there are several central and south American Coffee options in the market to choose from, the Hualalai Estate comes with a product that scales beyond competition courtesy of the highest quality of organic beans. Moreover, the growth and harvesting of the coffee beans are initiated organically without including chemical pesticides into the mix.

This coffee variant comes across as a medium roast but the aroma and strength are reminiscent of the dark roasted coffee beans. In addition to that, the Hualalai Estate premium coffee presents complex and bold flavor profiles with highly aromatic undertones. Another interesting aspect is the bean selection process which is uniform and you wouldn’t be finding an irregular whole coffee bean in the package.

Consistent roasting is also an attribute that sets the Hualalai Estate Coffee apart from other organic coffee varieties. Not just that, each serving gives an adequate caffeine buzz to coffee lovers.


  • Boldest flavors
  • A smooth coffee with requisite caffeine levels
  • Completely organic and uses biotic pesticides


  • The oily texture can be an issue for certain customers

Expert Recommendation: If you’re using the whole bean variant, you need to clean the grinder after a single use, courtesy of the oily structure of the concerned beans.

9. Kicking Horse Smart Ass


  • Originates in South America, Central America, and Africa
  • Harvested at a height of almost 3000ft above sea level
  • USDA Certified and completely organic

Kicking horse coffee is an audacious, powerful, and refined coffee harvester that takes the concept of brewing to a whole new level. The best thing about Smart Ass is that it isn’t restricted to one demographic and is grown and harvested in comparable climatic conditions, across the globe. Kicking Horse excels when it comes to envisioning the best form of Arabica coffee for caffeine addicts.

When compared against the non-organic, cheap, and mass-produced Coffee, the kicking horse coffee organic blend exceeds in almost every department. Moreover, it isn’t as acidic as some of the more potent variants and comes across as extremely easy on the gut.

Kicking Horse features a host of flavors but our personal favorite was the one with chocolaty richness. When it comes to the texture, this is a full-body blend that feels like velvet on the tongue and doesn’t even leave a bitter aftertaste.


  • One of the best-tasting brews on our list
  • Mildly sweet flavor
  • Good Coffee with a potent caffeine buzz
  • Full-body texture
  • Makes way for a mild mouthfeel
  • Cane sugar, custard apple, and other relevant aromas


  • Complex flavors and profiles might be confusing

Expert recommendation- Consider brewing the same at a higher temperature to keep the acidity on the lower side. Best experienced if ground first and then brewed using an Aeropress.

10. Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


  • Strong flavors
  • Originates from Africa
  • At par with Death Wish

If you are fed up with basic medium-dark roasts and looking for something that is insanely powerful, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is the name to consider. Firstly, one cup is often more than enough to get you going for at least 12 hours by pumping insane levels of blood into the organs. Secondly, if you prefer a hint of bitterness in your brews, this is one product that doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike a medium-dark roast like the Camano Island that offers the best of both worlds, this is strictly a flavor-heavy variant. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe flaunts fuller flavors in addition to subtler and traditional aromas. The mild bitterness is tongue pleasing and fruity undertones are a result of the slowest possible roasting process.

When it comes to harvesting, this brand of Coffee uses a natural and organic medium while adhering to the fair trade policy. Most importantly, the packaging offered by the company ensures a longer shelf life. 


  • Fairtrade variant
  • Extremely potent
  • Dark flavors


  • Pricey

Expert recommendation– If you cannot tolerate even a bit of bitterness in your Coffee, this isn’t the right organic product for you. However, for a better kick before workout sessions, you can actually consider brewing the same for a longer period.

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What are the benefits of organic Coffee?

Organic Coffee beans come with higher portions of minerals and vitamins which are often lost if and when chemically enhanced pesticides are added into the mix. Non-GMO organic brands of Coffee are also rich in antioxidants, which effectively minimize the free radical build-up. Last but not least, organic medium-dark roasts are rich in flavors as compared to the synthetically produced ones. 

Furthermore, if you are an athlete and looking for that buzz before a training session, potent organic blends or single-origin coffees like death wish are better choices and offer long-lasting effects. 

What to look for when choosing the best organic Coffee?

If you have made up your mind about going organic, it’s time to make sure that even the choice of Coffee adheres to your mindset and lifestyle standards. First, you need to check for organic legitimacy by looking at the way the produce is grown and even harvested. If the manufacturer claims to use coffee pulp, compost, and other natural substrates, it is expected to be a credible and certified organic one.

  • As experts, we recommend you to opt for firms that rely on eco-friendly crop farming as it readily minimizes the carbon footprint and lives up to the organic label.
  • Another aspect that needs to be taken care of is whether the product offers shade-grown Coffee or not. Shade-grown brands are rare and have the perfect coffee bean size and moisture levels which make sure that the processing can be calibrated perfectly.

If you’re a hardcore coffee connoisseur, try getting 100 percent best organic set of beans and start brewing using a grinder and the French press. Coffee bean uniformity is an aspect that you should be mindful of. Last but not least, you can opt for coffee variants that are aligned to the Hawaiian Isles or hail from the areas with volcanic remnants. These variants follow a cent-percent organic approach, using natural, subtle earth remnants as the growing substrate.

When it comes to availability, it is plausible to search for a brand that supports fair trade. Fairtrade often applies to the organic coffee bean brands that are hard to procure but are often the most legitimate buys. 


What is the Healthiest Organic Coffee?

The healthiest organic Coffee is the one that is mostly single-origin and shade-grown. Both of these aspects minimize nutrient loss due to excessive packaging and exposure to sunlight. Lastly, for health-specific benefits consider lighter roasts, courtesy of the higher quantities of desirable phenol.

What is the Healthiest Coffee Brand?

Based on the aspects to look at and even the health quotient, Lifeboost is one of the best organic coffee brands, hailing from Central America. Most importantly, this brand excels in providing brews with the lowest possible acidity levels.

Is Organic Coffee Better for Health

Organic Coffee, any day, is better than non-organic Coffee, due to the perfect amalgamation of micronutrients, infused courtesy of the natural growing techniques. Certified organic products are enriched with vitamins and even play a major role in reducing the carbon footprint by opting for organic and eco-friendly solutions. Most importantly, certified organic also stands for zero chemicals which avoids carcinogen build-up inside the body.

Are Organic Coffee beans Pesticide Free?

Yes, the best organic coffee beans claim pesticide free on their labels. The elimination of pesticides attracts the use of biotic pest control techniques, which, in a way, mitigates the threats related to fungus and Mycotoxin. You can consider that most certified organic variants.


While we did enlist and review the 10 best organic coffee beans, blends including robusta beans, and even Coffee Arabica variants, the final selection depends on your preferences. Moreover, we mentioned the nature of flavors, brewing measures, and existing bitterness, thereby allowing you to choose based on tailored requirements. However, regardless of choice, you must always opt for certified organic variants, preferably grown in Central and South America.  

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