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10 Best Decaf Coffee – Roasted To The Near Perfection

Since you have landed on this page, there is no denying that you are a big coffee aficionado. And now that you are here, it means that you are looking at the best options for decaf coffee. While we agree that nothing compares to the rich and bold taste of a cup of coffee, it doesn’t suit the dietary needs and choices of everyone. 

Some people get jittery after having a strong cup while some others cannot stomach so much caffeine, some suffer temporary insomnia after consuming too much caffeine and some others may have heart related concerns.


While for some consuming decaf coffees is just a personal preference and a life choice. Different people, different problems! So, as an alternative to that, there is decaffeinated coffee available in the market which offers the same goody taste with a significantly reduced amount of caffeine. 

Just like the regular roasts, decaf also come in a variety of brands which differ in taste depending on the roasts, grind and other factors. To help you out with selection of the superior quality beans, here we have listed some salient features and best decaf coffee brands that you should read about.

10 Best decaf coffee Brands 2022

1. Lifeboost Decaf Single Origin

lifeboost decaf coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Origin in Nicaragua
  • Gourmet blends

The top most item on our list is Lifeboost Decaf Single origin that is grown in mountain shade, handpicked, spring washed and sun dried to obtain the best flavours and the richest aromas. The coffee is grown in the mountains of Nicaragua without the use of pesticide. The method used to decaffeinate the beans is called Swiss Water Process which is one of the safest and a chemical free method to decaffeinate coffee. 

Boasting of a bold and super rich taste, the prepared coffee has undertones of chocolate and caramel with a tinge of fruitiness. A mug full of Lifeboost decaf is aromatic, delicious, has very low acidity and is extremely easy on the stomach and teeth. The only downside to this coffee is that it is a little expensive on the pocket. But again, a little extra money doesn’t hurt when it means good health and amazing taste. 

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2. Cafe Don Pablo Decaf

  • Comes in two roasts- Medium Dark and Light
  • Origin in Colombia
  • Smooth blend for a light and mild taste

Made from Colombo Supremo beans, Cafe Don pablo Decaf coffee is one of the best decaf available out there and gets to occupy the second place on our list of best decaf coffee.

In addition to the supreme quality Colombo Supremo decaf coffee beans, the coffee is also decaffeinated using the all natural, chemical free Swiss Water Method.

Boasting of natural flavours of cocoa and caramel, you can also taste undertones of citrus in a cup of Cafe Don Pablo. Known to be one of the lighter and mellow tasting coffees, Cafe Don Pablo decaf is best served with desserts or pastries and is suitable at any time of the day.

The 100% Arabica beans are roasted in small batches for better flavours. As a result, the coffee obtained has considerable low acidity and is nearly caffeine-free.

Additionally, it comes in two roasts- Medium Dark roast and light roast (medium- light roast).

3. NO FUN JO: Organic Decaf Coffee

  • Medium Dark Roast
  • Blend coffee
  • Fair Trade and Kosher Certified

Contrary to its name, No Fun Jo is a lot of fun and one of the best decaf coffee that is available in the market out there. Made with 100% Arabica beans that are roasted for a bold round and smooth taste, the coffee is completely organic and absolutely free of GMOs.

The beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process and the produce obtained is dark roast that is rich and is one of the best tasting regular coffees. No Fun Jo has very little acidity and no flavours added to the blend. 

The coffee comes in a medium dark roast, and boasts of an extremely rich and robust taste with undertones of blueberry and milk chocolate. So if you are looking for something light and sweet then No Fun Jo could be your best pick. It also goes really well with sweets and desserts.

4. Fresh Roasted Coffee Sumatra Decaf

  • Medium Roast
  • Sumatra
  • Fair Trade Certified

Next on our list is the Fresh Roasted Coffee which is known for producing a variety of coffees and some of the best decafs out there. Sumatra Decaf is one of the best decaf blends manufactured by the brand which is known for its rich and robust taste and the low acidity content. 

The coffee is mountain water processed rather than Swiss Water Processed, which is a better and an all natural way to decaffeinate coffee as compared to the latter. The processing of the beans is done very delicately and with a lot of care to ensure that the process is environmentally friendly.

The Sumatra Decaf is roasted to a medium tone which gives it a whole and a mild taste, loved by any decaf coffee lover.

The coffee is also Fair Trade certified which means that it has no preservatives, no added flavours or no additives. 

5. Volcanica Coffee Cafe Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu

  • Medium Roast
  • Origin in Costa Rica
  • 99.9& caffeine free

Another amazing decaf coffee that you can get for yourself is the Volcanica Coffee Cafe Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu that is produced from single origin beans and is Swiss Water Processed for decaffeinating. Boasting of being 99.9% free of caffeine, Volcanica is medium roasted to bring out mild flavours without any underlying bitterness. 

Produced in the mountains of San Jose, the coffee offers a clean and a smooth taste regardless of the process of brewing. Besides the wholesome full bodied taste, you can also taste the undertones of subtle chocolate flavor and somes notes of crisp toasted apples.

In addition to its umpteen qualities, Volcanica Coffee Cafe Costa Rica Decaf Tarazzu also comes in several forms which include whole beans, drip, french press, and espresso grind for ease of choice. 

6. Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf

  • Dark roast
  • Blend coffee
  • Fair Trade and Kosher Certified

For all the real coffee connoisseurs out there, Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf is definitely one of the best picks which has uncompromising flavours and texture. Let’s not kid ourselves and admit that it is hard to find a decaf coffee brand which has a robust dark flavour.

But here we are with Kicking Horse dark roasts which delivers a truly rich and deep flavour in addition to keeping a check on the caffeine content. The coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process which means it is chemical free and natural.

The dark roast coffee is sourced from South and Central America and is fair trade certified, kosher certified and 100% organic, so you can put your worries out the window and relish it at ease.

Best suited for those who enjoy a dark roast but prefer less caffeine, Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf is definitely your go to brand.

7. Koffee Kult Columbian Decaf

  • Medium roast
  • Origin in Columbia
  • Swiss Water Processing

Another great brand on our list of best decaffeinated coffees is Koffee Kult Columbian Decaf. Most of us know the brand to produce amazing regular varieties of coffee, but what we don’t know is that the brand also makes some unique decaf blends as well.

One of the most unique factors about Koffee Kult decaf is its aromatic fragrance, in addition to the taste. Even during the brewing process, the coffee lets out a rich aroma that is enough to lure one.

Koffee Kult uses supreme quality Colombian decaf coffee beans which are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process which ensures that the beans are delicately processed in a chemical-free method and the caffeine amount is reduced to a minimum.

It is also organic and results in a full bodied brew. The coffee comes in a medium roast which gives a delicate and rich flavour which is on the bold side of the roast scale. 

8. Koa Coffee Decaf Kona

  • Medium roast
  • Origin in Hawaii
  • High quality decaf

Koa Coffee Decaf Kona is definitely one of best finds when it comes to best decaf coffee. Produced from the Hawaiin beans, the coffee boasts of a unique taste that is distinctive from the regular coffee blends. 

Roasted to a medium roast, the beans are treated under the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate them in a chemical free and natural atmosphere. The coffee obtained as a result is rich and is a favorite amongst all coffee lovers.

Koa Coffee just comes in one variety of medium roast but is a perfect pick for dinners and special occasions.

The beans are roasted just right to bring out the caramel flavours with fruity undertones, without burning off the other organic compounds. On the plus side, the coffee is also economically priced as per the quality range.

9. Eight O’Clock- The Original Decaf

  • Medium roast
  • Rich Flavour
  • Kosher certified

If you are looking for a good quality decaf coffee but also do not want to spend a fortune on the expensive brands out there, then Eight O’Clock is the best pick for you.

The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans which result in a better and a more smooth flavours than robusta beans, for a decaf option. The coffee is medium roasted for enhanced flavours which results in a rich and deep flavour without any bitterness.

In addition to its several redeeming qualities, Eight O’Clock is Kosher certified which ensures you have an amazing tasting coffee alongside enticing and sweet aroma.

So now your Sunday dinners are sorted when you can relish a decent cup of decaf without a lot of fuss or burning a hole in the pocket either. 

10. Stone Street Coffee Mayan Decaf

  • Medium roast
  • lend coffee
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Last but not the least, Stone Street Coffee is one of the best options on the list of decaf coffees. Boasting of a truly special blend, the brand is the perfect go-to option if you are looking for excellent flavors in addition to sustainable beans. Treated to a medium roast, Stone Street delivers a rich and smooth flavor with very low acidity.

In addition to the taste and aroma, the coffee brand sources beans from Central America and is one of the very few brands to be certified from the Rain Forest Alliance.

What’s more? The coffee is processed through the Swiss Water Method in a chemical free and neutral atmosphere, and is micro-roasted to ensure outstanding quality. So if you are looking for modest flavor and full body, you know what to get. 

What is Decaf Coffee?

  • While this may sound like a silly query, it is relevant to acknowledge that many people do not know the difference between a regular and best tasting decaf coffee. Here we will answer that question for you.
  • Decaf Coffee is essentially regular coffee only but it is treated under special conditions to remove almost all of the caffeine from the beans. 
  • In most decaf coffees, at least 97% of the caffeine is removed from the beans. As a result of that, the coffee will be more neutral and would not give you that morning kick or jitters. 

How Much Caffeine is Present in Decaf Coffee?

Even after the entire process of decaffeinating coffee, there are still some traces of caffeine present in a decaf. But it is definitely not as much as is present in regular coffee but considerably lesser. Objectively, the amount of caffeine in a particular cup depends on the quantity of coffee and the method in which it was processed.

Usually, an 8 ounce of brewed decaf coffee contains 2 to 12 milligrams of caffeine. While the same amount of regular coffee contains 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine.

How is Decaf Coffee Made?

There are different methods and processes to produce the best tasting decaf coffee. However, all these methods are mostly similar to each other. To begin with, the raw beans are washed in a neutral solvent that is made with water, organic solvents or carbon dioxide. 

This solvent enables the removal of caffeine from the beans resulting in beautiful caffeine-free beans or decaffeinated coffee beans. This process is carried out at the very earlier stage- before the beans are roasted or grinded. 

Difference between Regular Coffee and Decaf Coffee

The difference in taste is one of the most distinctive factors when distinguishing between regular coffees and decaf coffee beans. This factor is especially considered by people who are resorting to decaf after relishing regular coffee for a long time and would not want to compromise on the quality of a regular coffee while getting the benefits of a decaf coffee.

The decaf process affects the smell and taste of coffee distinctively. A decaf is much milder and has a much clement smell than that of a regular coffee.

But to overcome this feature and to make up for the mild smell and taste, you can opt for an overall stronger bean that has been decaffeinated so you can achieve a strength closer to a regular cup of coffee. If you have just switched to decaf, it might take you some time to get the most ideal pick for yourself in terms of roast, source of the coffee beans and grounds.

Benefits of Decaf Coffee

While coffee is known for its energy boosting capabilities, there are some people who may suffer with the side effects of too much caffeine. Coffee definitely helps in staying awake, helps boost energy and staying perky.

But if consumed in a large quantity, it has several health hazards as well like some people might get jittery, have headaches or sweat profusely etc.

So, to avoid the side-effects while still getting to relish a beautiful cuppa, the best alternative is to go for decaf which provides the taste and has several benefits.

  • Coffee beans decaf still contain the antioxidants polyphenols and hydro cinnamic that are present in any regular coffee as well.
  • Scientific studies say that drinking decaf reduces the risk of certain type 2 diabetes, developments of some types of cancer and heart diseases, just like a regular coffee.
  • Also, it contains nutrients like potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B3.
  • If you have opted for a quality blend then a decaf cup will taste almost similar to that of a rich and flavorful regular coffee.

Decaf Processes

Coffee can be decaffeinated in a variety of processes and here we will list the four primary ways.

  • Indirect- Solvent Process
  • Direct- Solvent Process
  • Carbon Dioxide Process
  • Swiss Water Process

In the Indirect and Direct Solvent Processes, chemicals like ethyl acetate and methylene chloride are used to treat the coffee beans and remove caffeine.

The Carbon Dioxide Process is similar to that of the Direct and Indirect Processes but instead of using chemicals for decaffeination, this process uses Carbon Dioxide to treat the beans. After the beans have been soaked in water, carbon dioxide is let in the tank which soaks or absorbs most of the caffeine. And then it is finally drawn out. 

Swiss Water Method is one of the best and chemical free methods to decaffeinate beans. It was discovered in the 1930s and has been in use ever since. The process decaffeinated coffee using osmosis.

During the process, the beans are soaked in hot water which is later drained off. The drained water is treated with a charcoal filter which traps the caffeine molecules while releasing oil and small flavors. 

This flavored water is used to treat other batches and that’s how coffee gets its signature taste. Finally, the resulting coffee is packed and dispatched. This is the most widely used method to decaf because it is chemical free and it produces 99.9% caffeine free coffee. 

Final Words

So, now that we have listed down the decaf coffee best options available in the market. It’s your turn to pick one, brew it and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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