How To Make Strawberry Milkshake With Pomegranate & Cheesecake

Strawberries are a sweet surprise to anyone, and pomegranates are a healthy choice for any kind of diet. But if we tell you a combination beverage with a twist of added dessert, that makes you go wow! Do you already feel the heavenly taste, watering your mouth? Then let us take the privilege to cure your craving with the Strawberry Pomegranate cheesecake milkshake.

The first thing you need to keep in mind while cooking anything is to choose fresh ingredients to make it tastier and better. Especially fruits, vegetables, eggs, and easily-lasting term foods. Imagine a whole hot day outside and a refreshing strawberry pomegranate milkshake with a twist of cheesecake just when you step home. Won’t it fix the day instantly? Let’s cut to the chase. Without any further due, let’s get on-board and prepare this tasty delicacy.

Ingredients required:

Milk: 1 Cup

Fresh Strawberries: 1 ½ cups

Fresh Pomegranate: 1 (Big Size)

Vanilla Ice Cream  :  3 Cups

Strawberry syrup:  2 teaspoons

Vanilla essence:  2 teaspoons

Frozen Cheesecake:  1 Slice

Whipped Cream: 1 Cup

Graham Crackers  :  3

Lemon zest:  ½ teaspoon

Sweet condensed milk: ¼ cup

Directions to the treat:

  • Wash the Strawberries and pomegranate thoroughly. Slice the strawberries into pieces.
  • Take the kernels out from the pomegranate and make sure they’re pure in color and taste sweet.
  • Take the Frozen cheesecake and chop it thoroughly. This gives the deserted flavor to the milkshake.
  • Crush the graham crackers, which can give a crunchy twist to the smoothly blended milkshake.
  • Take a big blender. Add Vanilla ice cream, chopped strawberries, and pomegranate kernels. Pour the milk and blend it lightly.
  • Once you get the mixture, filter it once to get rid of the pomegranate kernels seed extracts.
  • Pour the mixture back in the blender. Add Strawberry syrup, milk, Vanilla essence, chopped cheesecake, sweet condensed milk, and blend it until you get a smooth mixture.
  • Keep the milkshake in the fridge for about 30 minutes to serve it cool.
  • Take a jar or glass, add a layer of milkshake and top it with graham cracker mix. Repeat the same process until you read to the top of the glass.
  • Add some freshly whipped cream on the top of the glass and sprinkle some more graham cracker powder.

Ta-da. Now our fresh and delicious strawberry pomegranate cheesecake milkshake is ready to satisfy your tastebuds and meltdown your soul with just a slurp. In order to make it more tasty and healthy, check out the below points:

  • Vanilla ice cream is always available in the market. But if you’re aware of the ice cream making process, homemade vanilla ice cream can bring a great taste and texture to the main dish.
  • Same with the cheesecake. Frozen cheesecakes are unpredictable. They might dry out sometimes or not smooth enough to blend perfectly in the milkshake. In this case, you can either make the cheesecake at home or replace it with fresh cream cheese, which gives the same taste.
  • If the milkshake freezes to ice, blend it quickly once again before serving. This process brings back the smooth, creamy milkshake.
  • Lemon zest does not ruin the actual taste of the milkshake. Instead, it manages to bring a better taste to all the other ingredients. So make sure you add a proper limit of fresh lemon zest to the milkshake to enhance the taste.

Here we go, a perfect cooling recipe for a hot summer. Kids, teens, adults, and elderly people, there’s no age and gender to enjoy this fresh and tasty delicacy. What are you waiting for? Add this to your dinner list and make every crake for a next sip.

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