How Much Caffeine In McDonald’s Iced Coffee

Sipping away at a cup of Mcdonald’s iced coffee is one of the common ways to feel refreshed after long hours at work, especially during the heat waves. And every type of McCafé can be enjoyed in different ways.

For instant, some people prefer taking sugar syrup out of their order of an iced caramel mocha. But as you probably already know, coffee is a caffeinated drink and it’s important for every one of us to regulate the amount of caffeine we consume daily. To that end, the barista over at Coffee Holli has created this post detailing how much caffeine is in Mcdonald’s iced coffee. Let’s find out.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Ingredients’ Caffeine Content

Mcdonald’s iced coffee is a blend of ground coffee beans, sugar syrup, cream, and ice. Each blend is either or not flavored with regular french vanilla, hazelnut, sugar-free french vanilla, or caramel.

However, it’s only the coffee beans that contain caffeine. And since the factors influencing the caffeine level of a coffee are the type of coffee beans used, brewing time, brewing method, grind size of coffee beans, and coffee beans roasting time, it’s important to know the type of coffee bean an iced McCafé is made from. 

If you’ve ever read the inscriptions on your iced McCafé cup, you’ll find that Mcdonald’s uses raw Arabica coffee beans.

This type of coffee bean has lesser caffeine compared to some other beans but it is not the least caffeine-packed bean.

For starters, 1 gram of the regular coffee bean contains 6 milligrams of caffeine while every gram of raw Arabica bean is estimated to contain 12 milligrams of caffeine.

This shows that raw Arabica coffee beans are not as caffeinated as raw Robusta beans which contain 22 milligrams of caffeine per gram. Now, the big question is; how much caffeine is in the 3 sizes of McFafé iced coffee?

Ideal Caffeine Level In Each Size Of Iced McCafé

People who’ve never walked into a McDonald’s outpost to get their iced caramel latte or caramel frappe by themselves may never know that these tasty iced beverages come in 3 different sizes.

There’s a small size (8oz), a medium (11.5oz), and a large (17oz). Now, in every 6oz of coffee, McDonald’s uses between 5grams and 7.5 grams of ground coffee beans, depending on how strong you want your order. 

This means that a small size iced coffee which is 8oz has about 7grams of coffee beans powder.

And if you recall, I mentioned earlier that a gram of Arabica bean contains 12 milligrams of caffeine. So, if you have 5 grams of Arabica beans in a small cup, the caffeine content of that cup would be 7 ✕ 12 = 84 milligrams of caffeine. Did you catch that? Now, this leads us to the conclusion that a medium size (11.5oz) iced McCafé contains about 120milligrams of caffeine while a large size (17oz) contains about 192 milligrams of coffee.

However, it is noteworthy that McDonald’s claimed that the caffeine content of their iced coffee is as listed below;

  • Small (8 fl oz) – 94mg caffeine.
  • Medium (11.5 fl oz) – 133 mg caffeine.
  • Large (17 fl oz) – 200 mg caffeine.

Remember that I didn’t consider the other three factors (vis brewing time, brewing method, and coffee beans roasting time) that affect the caffeine level of a coffee in my calculation. So, considering that McDonald’s factored in those three before coming up with those results, I believe that their claims are more valid than mine.

In Conclusion

McCafé is one of the biggest coffee brands out there. Besides, statistics show that they sell an average of 500 million cups of coffee every day. But as you enjoy your iced McCafé every time, you should also be health-conscious. In this article, I have given an analysis of the caffeine level of each size of McDonald’s iced coffee. You can also read this post to understand the difference between cold and iced coffee.

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