banana mango smoothie

Banana Mango Honey Cream Smoothie

Imagine a perfect vegan drink with mangoes, bananas, honey, and cream? Sounds yummy right? It tastes fantastic too. It’s just like that feeling of being out on a warm sunlit beach on a cold winter day. Okay, my imagination has taken me too far away. Still, a banana mango honey cream smoothie is indeed an … Read more

Quick And Tasty Vegan Bacon Recipe

For those on a vegan diet, a Vegan Bacon recipe is like a breath of fresh air. It is challenging to stay away from bacon if you decide to go vegan. It is one of the most popular foods globally, and every non-vegetarian who has tasted bacon would agree that it is difficult to stay … Read more

Watermelon jerky

Watermelon Jerky – A sweet and salty treat

Initially, the word jerky was dedicated to meat, which was sliced and dried. This process was followed to preserve meat for a longer duration than usual using drying. We all find packaged and processed foods in the market, but homemade food is always tastier and healthier. But it also comes with a lot of effort … Read more