best organic raw honey

Best Organic Raw Honey Reviews

Enough of muddled taste buds when you can simply gift yourself the best honey ever made! But then, which is the best honey that money can buy! Organic raw honey, of course! Identifying the best organic raw honey need not be a stretch if you know where to look and what to look for. Also, … Read more

how do you take manuka honey

How to take Manuka Honey?

Honey, in its pure form, has been around for ages. With time, various types of honey came into existence. Some with specific benefits, while others as wholesome, beneficial food. Manuka Honey is one such superfood that has proven to have exceptional health benefits. It is very much in demand for its antibacterial properties and skin … Read more

5 Super Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Honey is well known for its curative properties for eons. It is just that the mechanism of Manuka honey in healing wounds, epithelial regeneration, and ulcer treatment has been revealed recently. The benefits of honey have been celebrated for centuries. Manuka honey was first brought into usage by the Maori community from New Zealand in the … Read more

banana mango smoothie

Banana Mango Honey Cream Smoothie

Imagine a perfect vegan drink with mangoes, bananas, honey, and cream? Sounds yummy right? It tastes fantastic too. It’s just like that feeling of being out on a warm sunlit beach on a cold winter day. Okay, my imagination has taken me too far away. Still, a banana mango honey cream smoothie is indeed an … Read more

Quick And Tasty Vegan Bacon Recipe

For those on a vegan diet, a Vegan Bacon recipe is like a breath of fresh air. It is challenging to stay away from bacon if you decide to go vegan. It is one of the most popular foods globally, and every non-vegetarian who has tasted bacon would agree that it is difficult to stay … Read more