Hi! I’m Rhiannon Risidore, and this is a little about me. :) My mom calls me “Ran”, my bff calls me “Nannon”, and my kids call me “mom” or “mama”, depending on which one you ask. I answer to just about anything.

I’m a free-range, farm-raised introvert turned suburban-minivan-housewife who spends more time taxiing than almost anything else. I love carbs and chocolate. I use a lot of (vegan) butter, onions and garlic in my dishes.

About my man & I. Photo taken by www.carla-marie.com
My man & I. Photo taken by www.carla-marie.com

I met my city-slicker husband when I was 17, and we’ve been living on love ever since. We have 2 little members in our pint-size posse. Logan (9), who is my spirited, but sensitive kid and loves all things Minecraft. Madelyn (6), is my mini-me and is our athletic one, involved heavily in gymnastics. I also have a uncharacteristic rottweiler / bulldog cross 80lb “puppy” who we’ve nicknamed “the wrecking ball” and has a better suction guarantee than a Dyson vacuum. We’re not entirely convinced that she will be an effective guard dog, as she spends more time hiding than guarding. She loves my kids though, and will play with them for hours (pulling them around the floor on her blanket).

When we first moved in together, I couldn’t cook much more than Ichiban and eggs. I spent my formative years with 2 vegetarian parents, and when I would cook meat for Dave, it would come out dry and tough. Thankfully, I was saved by a box of Shake ‘N Bake. After trusting that I wouldn’t die if I followed the directions on the box, my quality of cooking went up from that moment on.

About my kids & I.
My kids and I. Photo taken by www.carla-marie.com

Before my career of changing diapers, refereeing, and all other things “mom”, I was a marketing coordinator for a large travel agency, and ran my own wedding photography business for 6 years.

Thanks to the internet, I now love food. I love making over-the-top cakes for those close to me on their special day. I love making things that I would of normally bought from the store (I no longer buy jam), or trying recipes just to see if I can (like my own Nutella, or once I smoked my own bacon and ham). I love watching my man roll on the floor or pass out on the couch because he enjoyed my meal so much that he stuffed himself into a mini coma.

I also love to share. Dash of Butter isn’t my first food blog. I also ran www.notsoseriouseats.com for a few years, but I decided to start from scratch. I promise to keep no secrets in my corner of the food blog world. I’ll come here and share my recipes, funny stories, products I love and think you may love too and more if you’ll do something for me.

Subscribe, share with your friends, tell me if you loved it, or if your dog turned his nose to it. I want to inspire you to try something new, and if you’re interested in becoming a food blogger yourself (or already are), then I want to hear about it. I’ll share what works for me, and what doesn’t. I’ll be open about my stats (for those of you who are nerdy like me) and fill you in on all the cool tricks, widgets, plugins and more that I use to run my blog.



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