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Buddha Bowls

It’s November! Halloween is over for another year, and already the Christmas season is being ramped up everywhere. I just have one teensy weensy tiny little thing coming between these two holidays, and it’s by far more important.

My little girl’s 7th birthday this coming weekend.

It’s kind of hard to believe my baby is turning 7. She’s an amazing little person, who earned the nickname “mini but mighty” from her gymnastics coach last summer, and it’s very true.

Madelyn has never really liked meat, and I never pushed it on her when the rest of us still ate it. She would frequently fill her dinner plate with veggies instead, and hated sandwiches. She almost always asked for a salad in her school lunches instead. She did enjoy a lot of the overly processed meats though (hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, etc). She also is my junk food junkie who loves candy and chips, but is pretty good at making good food choices most of the time.

As a tradition, we go out for dinner to celebrate a birthday. I don’t actually force anyone in my house to adopt a meat-free life, but since no one else does the shopping or cooking, they kind of have to. Madelyn has jumped on board quite happily, and my boys are coming around – but when left to their own decisions (ie – a restaurant), they will take the opportunity to eat a meaty dish (and pay for it later). Anyways, last night Madelyn asked me if I could find her a vegetarian restaurant to go to for her birthday dinner because in her words: “I don’t want Dad and Logan to eat meat when we go out”. At first I thought she was just being cheeky (this is not uncommon for her), but then when I asked her why, she said “because eating meat is bad for you, and I want them to be healthy”.

Proud mama moment right there!!

The concept of Buddha Bowls is something I wish I had known about sooner – I would of been all over this, even as a meat eater. They’re basically warm salad bowls filled with whatever you have on hand! Essentially, you build it up in layers and pour the most amazing dressing over top, mix together and inhale.

So good.

I roast a bunch of veggies and keep them on hand for my lunches. I’ve also done them with some roasted buffalo chickpeas, but this time I wanted to use up some other stuff before I cracked open another can of chickpeas.

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This is an awesome way to clean out your fridge too. Toss it all in!

Today’s buddha bowl was:

  • White steamed rice
  • Raw sunflower seeds (pepitas)
  • Roasted broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and carrots, tossed in some Mrs Dash and no oil added.
  • A big handful of salad mix
  • Topped with dressing and a good dose of Franks.

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There are really no rules, and no official recipe. I don’t particularly like brown rice, but I do have a pretty good Wild Rice blend that I will use instead in the future, and also Quinoa. I’ve also seen them topped with sweet potatoes, avocados and various other raw and/or roasted veggies and greens. So many good combination possibilities that I doubt you’d ever get sick of having this for lunch (or dinner). Since we often don’t eat supper until almost 8:00 (Madelyn is at gym until 7:30, and we always eat together as a family), having a lunch that keeps me full enough to not binge on the bag of chips I keep stashed at the back of my pantry is very important.

The part that brings it all together is the dressing. It’s creamy without any cream, cheesy without any cheese and absolutely delicious. Making your own salad dressings are so easy when you keep a few staples on hand. I love it when my pantry is stocked with all sorts of oils, vinegars, nuts, seeds, and definitely a full stash of herbs and spices.

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Side note: I never thought I would like the Magic Bullet. I heard a lot of bad things about it, but I inherited this one, and use it all the time. Mostly for salad dressings, but also for those days I don’t want to drink 4 cups of smoothie – because I go overboard in filling my Vitamix, allllll the time.

I dry roast my veggies because there is a lot of oil in this dressing. So far, I haven’t strayed from the original recipe that I found here, but I’d like to work on getting it a little less oil based.

You definitely need to add Buddha Bowls to your repertoire, even if you still eat meat. It’s a great way to still get a daily bowl of salad, even in the winter.

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I’d love to hear your favourite combo, or if you use a different style of dressing.

Rhiannon, xo.

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